Monday, September 01, 2008

This and That

Monday. Nice to have a day off. For Bob, that is, somehow moms never get a day off.

I need to get to civilization sometime soon. My boom box is dying. Thomas and Bob bought me a very nice CD player for the kitchen a few years ago. It's a Sony, it's pretty--has a lovely blue neon light--and has great sound. The sad thing is that the CD player is no longer working. It started going on the blitz this past spring, and now I cannot get any CDs to play.

That presents a problem when we want decent quality for our Story of the World CDs. (We're doing SOTW4 this year.) Plus, I like music, and I can't play my CDs.

My past CD player lasted about four years, and the CD player went on it, too. Everything else on both continued to work just fine.

Bob suggested getting a Bose. I laughed and said I don't want to spend that much money. $500? $150 tops for me, thank you very much.

I still haven't got that Abba CD, and Thomas continues to listen to Abba on You Tube.


And another thing. The new chairs we bought for our kitchen table don't work well for me. I waited so long for the beautiful new chocolate brown chairs. They look so much better than the chairs we had that we bought right after (or was it before?) we were married. (1989!) The thing is: it hurts my back to sit in these chairs. I've tried adjusting the chairs in all different manners, but it just isn't working. Bob suggested that I buy a nice-quality office chair. He told me not to worry about what it looks like at my kitchen table, because my back is more important. He's right. So I'll have to make a trip to the big city.

Cha-ching. Cha-ching.

The chair is a necessity. The boom box and Abba CD: not so much. We will use Thomas's CD player, but the sound quality stinks.

I've been debating our first day of school. I had originally planned on jumping right in, going full force. I think Thomas and I need a more gentle approach. So, I held back on cleaning the school room like I normally would. I did manage to get all the books off the floor, though. We will jump right in with math and a few other core subjects, but we'll also organize and clean our school room.

We didn't use the school room much last yea. The year before we did. We both prefer the kitchen table. I have come up with a compromise, though. Our kitchen faces east, so we have nasty sun in the mornings. We have large kitchen windows, so we usually keep the windows closed up until 11ish. We've decided we'll do school in the west-facing school room in the mornings and then move to the kitchen table in the afternoons. That way we get open windows, we'll be able to resume our bird watching out the school room, and we'll be able to keep the table less messy. Bob just hates it when he comes home for lunch and all our stuff is spread out on the table.

Of course we'll have our annual first day of school drive-through breakfast tomorrow. Biscuits and Gravy for Thomas from Arby's (we miss Hardee's so!) and an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's for me.

This past week I was nervous about starting school. Today I'm very relaxed about it. I think taking the pressure off to get the room perfect, everything perfectly organized helped me. Plus, if I make Thomas participate in that, he'll take more ownership in it. And the kid has some very good ideas on organization, too. He's much more creative than I am.

The rest of the day today I will be finishing laundry and paying bills, sipping coffee and putzing. Oh, and preparing my annual letter to the school district, can't forget that! And watching news coverage of the hurricane.


Red said...


We have had ours for about 6 years. My husband bough it for me for Christmas one year and it plays like the day we got it.

You ever see those commercials on TV and they rave about the sound...they ain't lying. My mother has them all over her house. She has one sitting in the kitchen bay window and that, I beleive, is her oldest and it still jams.

I know you mentioned Cha-ching. But every once in a while it is worth it to spend a few extra bucks...if you have them, for the quality of the product stands the test of time. I'm with Bob on this one, only if the extra cash is there...oh so worth it!!!

Frankie said...

Ah, but there's the rub. Haven't got the cash! I recently spent thousands of dollars while traveling back and forth and staying in Colorado with my dying father.

I have a friend who has a Bose, but I've never listened to it. She loves hers as much sa you seem to! So maybe I'll put it on our Christmas wish list.

Bonni said...

Hey Frankie - we'll start the school year relaxed together!!

I ordered the required books late this year so I'm still waiting on three of four shipments to arrive.

So, our schedule looks a bit like yours. We'll start with some of the basics that we have and ease more stuff in as it arrives and I get it organized. The school shelf is in the midst of being overhauled - out with the old and in with the new. The old is pretty much out and filed away and this week I'll set up the remaining things while leaving room for the expected supplies.

Good luck with your shopping. I love getting to the big city when I can. My 'big city' has an IKEA, a place I always like to browse.

Happy First Day to Thomas tomorrow - hope you both have a good day.

Summer Fae said...

We start the school off with a special breakfast too. We always go out. This year it was a little bit more subdued this year. We normally spend the day at the beach. But with the kiddos being sick we couldn't do that this year.

I am also looking for a new stereo. We tend to use the computer to listen to audio books. Dd has asked for her own radio for her birthday next month. :)

rae said...

Hey, Frankie. I thought I'd jump in and add my vote for the Bose. We got ours at a Bose outlet store, so the price didn't cause apoplexy. Just a thought.

We are easing into school this year as well, but all is going well. I've added a second child this year (my 5yo) so we're still working on juggling a bit.