Saturday, August 30, 2008


Thomas and I tried to study Spanish last year. We have Bob's college text and tapes. It really isn't too much for us even though it's a text book because we can break it down into small chunks. Thomas does really well with the chunks.

We're having a slight problem, though. That problem is ME! I just am putting up a block to learning Spanish! I am slowing us down because I can't remember the vocabulary and then I cannot pronounce it correctly.

To be quite honest, I think the text book is boring. It was free, sitting there on the shelf gathering dust -- and then I bought another text book on eBay so we'd each have one, and that was less than $10. The price was right. But it's boring.

I've been looking at Rosetta Stone. Wow, it's a lot of money. I sure like the visuals though. I have done the Turkish sample a few times and I am remembering what I'm hearing/seeing. Thomas did that sample once and remembered it all.

Is Rosetta Stone worth the money?

money, money, money


Anonymous said...

Hey Frankie,
I have RS Spanish you can have for super cheap. Shoot me an email if you're interested.

Red said...

I have heard Rosetta Stone is thee end all and be all in learning any language.

Look on eBay. A friend of our in our homeschooling group has the Spanish version and she has not used it. So I told her, if she decides to sell it, let me have first crack at it.

I hope she decides to sell it!

Meg_L said...

I haven't done more than play with Rosetta stone (it was free through the library in Albuquerque while we were there).

I have seen a lot of discussion about using it though - Some people think it's great, others complain about the lack of a good grasp of grammar. I've also seen comments that it's total trash when someone's child that had used it tried to continue learning the language through an outside course.

While it looks like it isn't available new anymore, we've had a lot of help from the French version of this software - - you might be able to track down a used copy?

mull-berry said...

Our library has a copy. Maybe you could go with an inter-library loan or something.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Frankie,

If you don't decide to go with Rosetta Stone--and I have no advice on that--look for middle school or high school books and programs for Spanish. There are many such out there that come with tapes so that you can hear how things are pronounced. You can supplement with videos from websites about Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America.
Heck, you could even do that and use the boring textbook you have now in small chunks.

There are many ways to find what you need.

Buena Suerta! (Good luck)

PS: This comment form does not allow me to insert the upside down exclamation point.

Kate in NJ said...

Hi, have you tried here..

I'm pretty sure they have a "group buy" for Rosetta Stone..or how about your library? Ours carries some of them. Do you have a freecycle group near you? I'd try there too..for the cd player as well. That is where I got mine.;-)