Saturday, August 30, 2008

Music to My Ears

I caught Thomas singing yesterday. Big deal, right? Yeah, it was a big deal because Thomas doesn't sing.

My kiddo isn't in to music. He hates--H-A-T-E-S--to sing. His one complaint about summer camp? Singing camp songs. He refused.

So yesterday I heard him singing. I can't complain about what he was singing, because he was singing.

Want to know the band that he is now in love with? I have had to endure listening to every one of their You Tube videos for the past few days. It's okay, because I like them -- takes me back to my childhood and teen days. I've never owned their album. Thomas will, though, as soon as I can get to Wal-Mart. I'm going to buy him a Happy New Year/Not Back to School present for Tuesday morning. We can listen to it during school that day. On my CD player, that sounds a million times better than the speakers on our laptops.

This is his new favorite band and song: (Should we be concerned? lol) (I think he has a crush on Agnetha, who must be near 60 by now. She was a cutie in the video, though.)

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Becky said...

Tom LOVED ABBA as a kid, and he loves them now. Which is how our kids, including the boys, have come to know and love the songs too. I was never a fan, but I love hearing my kids sing their songs :). And it *is* fun music!