Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Lovely Day

Thomas and I had a lovely day today. Instead of working on school plans, cleaning the school room, paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning house, etc., we hopped in the car and headed toward civilization.

Mankato, Minnesota was our destination. It's over an hour from where we live, but it's the closest town that has any big chain stores. Well, we have Walmart and Kmart and a few fast food chains, but it has a mall, a BOOKSTORE, an Office Max, Sam's Club...cool stores.

Today's mission was to find The Sims2 Apartment Life for Thomas. We could have got it here, but it was much more fun to go there. We left this morning. We went to the mall and walked it a few times. Ahhh, Frankie needed to get off her lazy you-know-what and exercise a little. Then we hit all the fun stores: Yankee Candles, where I made a small purchase, the Game Stop where Thomas was sorely disappointed that what he was seeking didn't come out until tomorrow. And of course we hit the bookstore.

We went to the great pet store and bought our good dog food and two containers to store the food in. Pesky little border collies are too smart for Rubbermaid containers. We bought two containers that latch and they won't be able to open. Ahem, hopefully. The dogs like to snack on the cat food, so hopefully we'll alleviate that!

We went to Sally Beauty Supply just because Bob wasn't with us and I could. lol Bob will buy monthly female products at the grocery store without batting an eye, but he won't go to Sally Beauty Supply. Go figure.

We stopped off at a Baker's Square for a mid-afternoon snack. We had never gone there before, and we indulged in cheesecake and a cinnamon roll. Mmmmm.

All the while, we talked and talked like we hadn't seen each other in a long time. We laughed, we joked, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other's company.

It was a special day. We left the sadness and grieving behind. We lived in the moment and loved each other's company.

I was only slightly annoyed at our final stop on the way out of town: Best Buy. The greeter at the door was a retired gentleman. He touched my arm and asked, "When does school start?" I smiled and said Tuesday. He said, "Oh, Mom, I bet you're glad!" This is where Frankie got a little ornery. I smiled and said, "Oh, yes, we're very excited to start school again. We homeschool. My son is a very good kid and I really enjoy being in his company."

The man literally took a step back. He smiled, said that was great, and then turned and walked away.

Why do people assume that moms are tired of being with their kids at the end of summer? Even when Thomas WAS in public school, I hated the start of school. I hated it! I will never get that.

Mom 101: Love your child each and every moment, because they grow too damned fast. They'll be on their own in the blink of an eye. So don't get annoyed by them being with you, embrace it. If they're climbing the walls, be a parent and do something with them, guide them, love them.

There, off my soap box.

So yes, we are excited for school to start this year. Even Thomas confessed today he's ready to go, albeit a little nervous. He knows the work will be more difficult this year. But we're excited because we homeschool.


Gerky said...

Y gave me shivers Frankie. It sounds like a great day and I wish you many more.

Kate in NJ said...

You are so right.
I am glad you had such a lovely day.
You both deserve it.
My DH is the same way with the beauty supply thing. lol

Becky said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful New Year's Day :). I'm so happy for you both!

Wendy Hawksley said...

A "hello" back to you and a big hooray for Sims2!!!

Our new homeschooling year begins a week from this coming Monday and we are definitely excited about it.

Carole said...

When the cars drive up to the neighbor's house on the first day of school, and I watch the mom's get out and go into the house for their little celebration---freedom from the kids party----I shudder. Why is it so strange to enjoy being with our kids? Why are we considered weird? My Dad's friend told me that someday I would get over wanting to be with my kids. I told her that I hoped I never would 'get over it'.

I am so glad that I have found like-minded souls in the world.

Brit said...

I feel the exact same way, I would hate to send my kids off for the whole day. I don't deny that sometimes I need to get out and go for a walk and enjoy the quiet of my own thoughts, but I am always glad to get back home and have little arms there to welcome me. I feel very grateful that we are allowed to homeschool, and feel a little sad about what all those kids must think about their parents celebrating their return to school.

Red said...

For your dog food you might want to try this. See if your local Walmart or Kmart has their cake frosting delivered in heavy duty plastic tubs. If they do, scope them out and see if that is do-able.

If not, then try your local cake decorators and ask the same questiosn, for these containers are pretty sturdy and may do the trick for you.Glad you had a good time in town.

Red said...

I LOVE being with my children. And so much so that I see my daughter and I becoming more like the Gilmore Girls, and that ain't a bad thing to be!!