Friday, August 22, 2008


The way we form friendships is changing. No longer are they formed only face to face, some chance meeting, but now they are formed in cyber world.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my cyber friends for the support I've been receiving here on the blog. It really means a lot getting an encouraging word when one is sorely needed.

Tonight I talked with one of my e-friends on the phone for close to two hours. She did more to pick up my spirits and encourage me. She's even pumped me up enough to clean out the school room tomorrow! I enjoy listening to all she's going through in life at the moment and her homeschooling journey. Thank you, Blue Hen.

Thank you to my Georgia Peach and Becky, who have also stuck by me in all my craziness. It means a lot.

And thanks to everyone for reading my blog when I have clearly gone way off topic for so long. Your comments mean a lot. And even if people read and don't comment, thanks for sticking with me.

I have a few friends here in my small town, but they're the kind I have to watch what I say. I feel so liberated here at the blog to be myself. (Okay, I don't swear on the blog and I do say an occasional naughty word in real life, but I try to have a little class here.)

So thank you, to all my friends.

I hope to stick more to homeschooling and less on my woes in the future. I won't quit whining, but I'll try to curb it.

I leave you with a poem:

Internet Friends
by Ann Stareyes

My Internet Friends
You're so dear to my heart.

Family I've found
Real friendship I've received
I love you all so
Every moment shared
Never will be forgot
Deep within my heart
Special friends I cherish.


Becky said...

Thanks, and continuing hugs to you and the family!

It *is* funny to think that without the computer and internet, we probably wouldn't have met...

Carole, aka Blue Hen said...

ah, thanks Frankie. The way we form friendships, and maintain friendships has changed in this modern age.

The phone call was something I needed and I'm glad it helped you too.

Anonymous said...


the GA peach ;-)

Meg_L said...

I'll read whatever you post about, it doesn't have to just be about homeschooling.

Kate in NJ said...

I agree with Meg.
I stopped in for homeschooling info, but found a friend.
Isn't the blogosphere grand?

Summer Fae said...

Lots of hugs.