Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Supplies

I usually go all out for school supplies. I love school supplies. Fresh pencils with clean, unused erasers, new pens with perfect tips, crisp, fresh paper...ahhh.

So this year I went all out. I got:

1 24-pack of Bic Mark It pens. I did not need these. I have a thousand Sharpies. I just had to try them out. (And yes, I like them -- but I still like Sharpies.) They were on sale for $6.99 at Walgreen's.

4 packs of Black Warrior Pencils .39 a box at Walgreen's.

10 folders at Office Max for a penny apiece.

1 12-pack of Flair markers. For me, not Thomas. I love Flairs.

Two reams of white paper.

And that's it.

I about broke the bank with this year's shopping haul. I think I spent $15 tops.

Normally I spend *a lot* but I just couldn't justify spending money on fun stuff when I have a school room full of it.

This is so out of character for me! When we were at Office Max, I begged Thomas to pick out his two favorite colors of printer paper. I was thinking nice pastel greens or blues or yellows. Imagine my shock when he told me he actually prefers white. AAAACCCK. It's all about color, baby! The horror of it all!

Less is more this year.


Summer Fae said...

I love Bic Mark Its. I also love the fine Sharpie Markers. Dragon uses them for his artwork.

I bought way too much this year. I won't have to buy loose leaf anytime soon. I also have more notebooks than one family should need. I also bought a bunch of composition notebooks because i have a lefty and he does much better without the spiral edges. I have enough crayons & glue for a classroom. But my children will go through them very fast.I have really been watching the sales. Now we are on the hunt for a new printer, since I am not sure if mine will make it this year.

Mama B said...

I Love my mark its but they bleed through my paper so nt quite the all purpose marker I was looking for. I've been eyeing the flairs for ME.

We hit a middle amount for supplies. I picked up some on the sales but a lot of the "fun" stuff we still had so no new markers, no new colored pencils. :(

Kate in NJ said...

I think we only bought a new box of crayons (small box for in my bag)
and some index cards for me, unless you count printer ink and paper..I ran out a couple of weeks ago.
I hope you'll post pics of your schoolroom when you're ready.

audrey said...

I, too, prefer crisp white paper. It's a beautiful blank slate. Coloured paper is nice, but then the colour evokes a certain emotion, or association and suddenly my blank canvas already has something written on before I've even picked up my pen.

Meg_L said...

Wait until you are stocking Thomas up for college...LOL

Then it all will come back to bite you.

Boy is so used to me stocking all the "fun" extras that he expected to be fully stocked for college.