Sunday, February 19, 2006

Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day.

Had to put a Mt. Rushmore photo up because I lived a hop, skip and jump from it for 11 years. I've seen Mt. Rushmore more times than I can count. Don't ask me my opinion on their updated facilities.
Because we had too many days off last week, we'll be doing school. Even though public school has Monday and Tuesday off. I hope DS doesn't find out because he will whine about it. lol

Today I was feeling much better. I left the house fairly early and drove around for about 40 minutes with my window down so I could get full sun. It was still too cold to walk or be out for very long plus it was so windy. Luckily it was a bright day with lots of sunshine. It really helped -- sunshine is like a magic happy pill. It's amazing how well and quickly it works on low spirits.

We might have to do a little car school tomorrow for more sun. We're about to finish up with our SOTW III CD's. I think we'll start over on III because DS has found it very fascinating.

My husband and I have been having lots of talks about homeschooling this weekend. He tells me I'm trying to do too much. He thinks reading a text or spine for history, plus one book on topic is more than enough. We've already read four books on the Salem Witch Trials. He says it's overkill. His theory is this: a 4th-grade education is like a handful of mud. Throw the mud at the wall. Some will stick, some will fall. That's all you're aiming for in the 4th grade -- some of what you cover to stick. Mastery isn't what you want.

Interesting theory. Goes against my grain. I think he may be right -- or maybe somewhere in the middle. All I know is it takes us an extremely long time to do American history -- but we really do enjoy it.

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