Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I came in from a break to find we had a new pupil. He demanded a front-row seat, right next to the teacher.

Kitty didn't think much of spelling. He got in trouble for flopping his tail on my son's paper. It's not good to distract the other student.

Kitty really had attention problems when it came to reading. He was looking out the window at the birds.

Kitty got really annoyed with the other pupils. He wouldn't even let the other cat come into the room. Here he's telling the dog to back off, becaue it's his territory.

Kitty really didn't care much for grammar. That tail of his was a constant battle all day. He just wouldn't listen to the teacher's rules: Keep your hands, feet and tails to yourself.

We had a really fun day. Usually the cat is in the room but stays on the floor. Today he just had to be part of the action. We had lots of giggles. We even managed to get everything done. Maybe kitty was good luck.


BridgetJ said...

Geez...son at desk. Books open. Pencil in hand. I didn't get to see much of that today.

Peace, BridgetJ

Dyan said...

Your new student is beautiful. In our schoolhouse we have this goofy spinner that lands on different questions of the day. One of the questions is to count how many students are present. My girls sometimes include the dogs laying on the stairs as students, the horses outside and almost always include dolls, blankets and me in the count. Our cat is a rebel tom - he wouldn't be caught dead in school!

Frankie said...

lol Dyan

Somedays, especially if we're at our kitchen table, my son brings out several stuffed animals and they are our students, too.

Someday I need to blog about Ricky Raccoon. Ricky taught my DS to read, not me. lol When DS doesn't want to do a subject, he'll get Ricky out and so then I have to be goofy and change my voice to add that element of fun.

Mommy Mare said...

So good to hear you have a variety of students in your school as well. Nothing like diversity!

M__ said...

Beautiful cat! What would Cheers woman say about that animal in your house??

Almost Lazarus said...

Funny, my son shot and killed a raccoon last night (at 3 AM). Today the kids are calling the carcass "Ricky" as in "Who's going to get rid of Ricky" Ricky is still laying out next to the chicken house).

Frankie said...

LOL...Doc, I am *not* going to share that story with my son. He'd burst out in tears just with the fact he knew "an innocent raccoon" was shot, let alone it was then named Ricky.

That's one area that I cannot discuss with my son to any great degree -- killing of animals. You wouldn't believe his reaction when we did a unit on Native Americans last year. Killing of whales and buffalo got him. He refused to eat meat for months, and he still goes through the vegetarian phase occasionally. It really bothered him.

samuel said...

First, how big is your cat? I think we have the all black version of your cat.
Second, my 7yo went through a short vegetarian phase when he learned that Beast Boy from Teen Titans is a vegetarian.
I got stuck behind a raccoon one day driving in the back entrance of the grocery store. He waddled his little butt down the middle of the road, not leaving me any room to get around. Nothing like raccoon driven traffic problems.

Frankie said...

Samuel, I don't know how big my cat is. It's about time for him to go to the vet and I can get a weight on him. I will say he's a hairy critter and I think he looks bigger because of all the hair.

He's definitely bigger than our black and white cat, though.

samuel said...

Our cat does seem to look bigger because of the hair, but there is quite a substantial cat under there.

Almost Lazarus said...

How would your son feel about it if his pet rooster's head was in the raccoon's mouth? The rooster, amazingly enough, lived through the ordeal.

Frankie said...

I'm glad the rooster lived.

I don't know how my son would have handled that.

I do know that I can admit that this is one area that I don't, ahem -- hard for me to say -- that I don't like about my son. It's hard to take and it's hard to parent.