Friday, March 10, 2006

The Fun Stops Today

My son and I had a fun week. In a rare turn of events, my husband was out of town. We did one subject per day this week. We watched movies, played games, and let our hair down. We ate out and we ate Girl Scout cookies.

Reality sets in this morning as I'm drinking my coffee. Time to clean the house, pay the bills (why am I always late paying the bills?) menu plan, grocery shop, be a responsible parent, spouse, person....bluuuuuch.

Spring fever has clutched me so tight that I can barely breathe. The great outdoors is a soggy mess as our great snow melts. Not quite let's-go-to-the-park time due to mud. Last year I remember telling my husband we needed to take time off in the spring or approaching spring because it is next to impossible to school. I scheduled two weeks off in April. Next year I'll be scheduling a week off in February and a week or two weeks off in March.

Summer is such a welcome diversion. It's weird because we get bored starting in July. There are always so many activities in June to keep us busy. I'm thinking that July should be a school month. It's too hot and humid to be outside that much, there are no fun activities set, and the skeeters are out.

We'll definitely be doing school in the summer. We will not finish our Rod and Staff English, and I want to finish that. I want my son to continue doing math and reading daily. I'd also like to delve into some fun financial studies that we just don't have time for during "regular" school.

I laugh about this a lot, but it seems as if there is never enough time to do all that I want to do. It is weird to me because we are homeschoolers and, well, at home. It's not like we are confined to a strict 8-3 public school schedule. Still, there's only so much school one can expect of a child in a day. Well, at least my child. Well, at least me.

I don't know if this spring fever business is a result of my aging or my geographic location. I've always had a touch of spring fever no matter where I lived, but here in Minnesota, I just want to climb out of my skin. I've always been one to enjoy gray days because bright sun hurts my eyes. There seems to be something special about gray days that enables me to get a lot done. A lot. Now, however, my day's progress is based on whether the sun is out or we have a gray day. A gray day now means a depressing atmosphere. It's like a heavy burden pressing on my shoulders.

I think back to when I worked for a living. I didn't get spring fever that bad then. Was it because I had no choice but to work, work, work? My mind was completely occupied with work. Maybe I'm too lenient on myself and my son due to spring fever. Maybe I'm not setting the correct example by having had a light week this week. Maybe I'm screwing up my son for life, destroying any chance at instilling a decent work ethic... NAH. I remember when he was in public school and I volunteered, the kids were climbing the walls. The teachers told me that spring was really tough. It was testing time and there were lots of movie days, lots of let's sneak outside for this or that activities.

Back to reality, sipping my coffee, facing my catch-up day. Bluch. Next week we'll hit the books hard. We'll have renewed our spirit, we'll be well-rested. We'll both have excellent attitudes, neither of us will be perfect.

Ha ha ha! One can hope.


Audrey said...

I get that spring fever, too. After months on end of bitter cold, you can't blame me, can you?

I am so itching for spring that it has become distracting. I have lesson plans, (oh, yeah... I love planning) but I can't seem to keep on track OR be consistent with anything this past week.

I'm going to chalk it up as LIFE and move on. We've all been anticipated a weekend away (this weekend!) and there is bad weather threatening, but we refuse to think of not going. Frankly, I think that if we don't ALL get the heck out of here, we're going to implode.

Mommy Mare said...

While the cats away, the mice will play!

We are such slackers here when my husband is out of town. It isn't that he demands anything, but *I* try and at least keep the house reasonably clean and occassionally cook. When he is gone...all that goes out the window!

BridgetJ said...

We school in July, too. It's just too damned hot outside and it allows us to have several slacker days during the year.

Doing a few weeks of half-days is renewing for us. If we take off completely we get WAY too lazy and the books start collecting dust.

This is also my planning time of the year, so I start getting a little over zealous about all the things I want to accomplish next year.

Ah...I can smell the nice new planner and crisp Rainbow Resource catalog already.