Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm in google, baby.

Somebody found my blog by googling...and I was nineth on the list on the first page. How funny is that.

The search was: homeschool classroom photos

Snort, giggle. Kind of weird.

Actually, I'm on that page twice as I shared my homeschool photos with the lady so our pix are up there as well.

I love looking at homeschool classroom photos, weird but true.

And speaking of our classroom, I had my husband haul out granddad's chair this weekend. It just took up too much room. Once it was out, I had much more room to get to my chair (and I need the room lol). My husband was disgusted with me because I immediately put in an old ugly rolling cart I had and an ugly three-plastic-drawer thing on wheels in the chair's place. They don't stick out nearly as far as the chair did.

Tomorrow I'll clean out the fish tank (yes, the dead fish is still in the tank and he died weeks ago) and we'll get it ready and get another fish who will reside in the classroom. I'm also going to order a tadpole kit and a butterfly kit so we'll have a place to put them.

Ah, love horizontal surfaces -- they call to me -- fill me up. And I oblige.

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