Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Night at the Oscars

Well, I watched. DH had to work so we had our Hardee's supper in front of the tv. My son didn't feel like playing, so he got out graph paper and designed houses throughout. He's probably the only 10-year-old boy in America who did watch.

For almost 25 years now, I have faithfully picked the winning Best Original Song. I have *never* been wrong. Okay, so I broke my record tonight. Dear son was absolutely horrified when he listened to the song "Hard Out Here for a Pimp." He didn't know what a pimp was so I explained it. Yes, he did know what a prostitute was. Anyway, he thought they should not allow that kind of thing on TV.

He is such a little character. ;-)

My innocent little son also had a fit over Felicity Huffman's outfit. He thought it way too revealing. I thought she looked pretty good. The beauty that really stood out to me was -- is it Jessica Alba? She had a TV show awhile ago, I can't remember the name of it, but she had a tattoo on her neck and she was like a warrior girl that was mass produced...can't remember -- anyway, she was radiant. Wow.

I did not see a single movie that was nominated. Sad, but I prefer to rent movies -- it's so much more comfortable to watch at home.

I was very glad that Philip Seymour Hoffman won. No, I didn't see the movie, but I saw clips and I've seen him in so many movies and even though he's not a heartthrob, sexiest-man-alive like Clooney, I really like him and think he's a wonderful actor. (I like Clooney, too.)

I am anxious to see Crash and Brokeback Mountain. Now I'd have to call my local theater to confirm this, but I never saw Brokeback Mountain listed as "now playing". My apologies to the theater if I am wrong, but because this is such a little bible belt town, I don't think it did play here. And that is the movie that I wanted to see. In fact, I won't rent it when it's available, I'll buy it. I know I'm going to love it.

I did notice that Nanny McPhee is now playing so I think I'll take DS this week. I'm also going to have to buy the last Harry Potter movie because DS informed me it's out now. I didn't see that in the theater, although DS and DH did.

There was a day when I went to the movies all the time. Aside from it not being "comfortable" for me in theaters -- noisy people and sticky floors, plus I like to put my feet up -- I don't know why I don't go more often. Maybe I will start up again.


Becky said...

We went to see Nanny McPhee last night instead of watching the Oscars lol. The kids enjoyed it, and so did their parents : ) Nice family fare, especially if you don't like your family fare with pimps and prostitutes, though I thought some of the scenes with Mrs. Quickly were a bit, um, much.

Jo said...

I haven't watched the Oscars in a very long time. I have a feeling that if I did the hubby and oldest son would just scope out women, my daughter would be lost, and my youngest would be mad because it has nothing to do with Dinosaurs or Thomas the Tank Engine. lol.

I don't think I saw any of the nominated movies either except Walk The Line which I just enjoyed because I knew Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both sang the songs themselves. I know, I'm easy to please.

I read about the pimp and prostitute thing and just shook my head. I thought that was what the MTV Music Awards were for? lol

BridgetJ said...

Yeah. What was up with that song? Ridiculous.

I haven't seen any of the movies, but am putting them all on my list so I can Netflix them.