Saturday, May 06, 2006

And the winner is...

District Pinewood Derby Day Results

Thomas Won First Place!!!

My son won the first race, lost the second by eight inches. Won the third race.

Watching the races unfold, I knew he'd get second. My husband and I whispered to each other: second. And that's okay.

And then something amazing happened. He raced the car that beat him again. Best two out of three takes it. That car won the first by race by a hair. My son won the second by a hair. Thomas won the third by an inch.

Time to race same racer again for first place. We were all on the edge of our seats because we had no hopes of first place. Best two out of three again. Somehow, some way, my son won! It was a sweet victory that we were not expecting!

Moral of the story: My husband believes that my son had not worked the graphite in well enough and it was just kicking in toward the end. Either that or the car that beat him originally was running out of lube. Or both.

I cannot help but feel really, really bad for the second place finisher. He had smoked all racers until the final two races against Thomas. The saddest part was my son went to shake his hand and tell him good race and the boy turned and walked in the other direction. I would imagine some tears were shed by him. A really good lesson for Thomas on sportsmanship. But then again, what a win for Thomas.

He won district two years in a row. This is the last time he'll be able to attend district races, so it was a nice way to finish up.

I am so very proud of him! He worked darned hard on that car. =) His car is the green and gold flat car. (My least favorite design but a speedy design nonetheless.)

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wisteria said...

Congrats to Thomas!! and to the supporting parents!