Thursday, May 04, 2006

Woo-Hoo!!! Country Fair!!!

Thank you to Doc, Ron and Andrea for the new Country Fair! Becky posted the first Country Fair awhile back here.

Now this is a blog carnival I can get excited about.

The Rules for the secular Country Fair are:

Posts should be homeschool related.
No posts/links to/from HomeschoolBlogger. No posts supportive of HSB or TOS.
The hosting blog owner reserves the right to accept or decline submitted posts.
This is NOT an anti-Christian Carnival. Christians (or Muslims, or Homosexuals - everyone) are more than welcome to participate.
No spanking posts. None. Nada.

Now it's time to start thinking of interesting topics!


Beverly Hernandez said...

Hi Frankie,

A couple of your links have an extra http:// in them. The one in "posted the first Country fiar awhile back here" nad one about the science teacher guides.

I thought you'd want to know. Have a great day!

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Beverly Hernandez said...

Sorry about the's late.


Frankie said...

I'm not the only late-night surfer! Thanks, I've fixed the link!