Friday, May 05, 2006

The Scene of the Crime

11:10 am. Thomas and I were snuggled in my bed, under the covers, and we each had what we affectionately call a fuzzy -- a Biederback blanket. Thomas was in his pajamas, I was dressed but also in my bathrobe because it was darned cold this morning.

Thomas was doing his daily reading, early. He's reading A Week in the Woods. Mom was trying to doze.

On the kitchen table were remnants of our morning schooling. Spelling stuff, vocabulary stuff, math worksheets. And syrup. Lots of it. And McDonald's stuff. I left the sack out on the table. I left my pop on the table. Thomas had spilled the syrup all over him, the table and the floor. After making him take a shower, scrubbing the floor and table, there' s still syrup everywhere.

Normally at 11:45 I would have done the mad dash through the kitchen straightening everything in preparation for the husband's arrival. He comes home for lunch every single day.

Today he caught us in the act. Guilty of fast-fooding it this morning. (We were out of milk, after all!) Guilty of hurrying through school so I could take a nap. Wouldn't most moms do something productive while their child was reading? No, not me -- I snooze.

Sometimes I get a little annoyed when my husband surprises us by taking the afternoon off. I was just falling asleep. Thomas was enjoying his book. Sigh. However, today my husband brought home a gift. A brand new soft air gun and a gallon of soft-air BBs. It's a guy thing. Forget doing science and history this afternoon, the boys will be playing. DH backed the car out of the garage and they're shooting in there. It's too darned cold, windy and wet outside.

Maybe I should make this a science lesson. While they're playing, I could google. Yeah, that's it. Be flexible, switch to unschooling mode!

The best thing was my husband didn't get too upset about the McDonald's run. He normally gets so frustrated with my love of Egg McMuffins (and Wendy's hamburgers and Hardee's Sunday $1 roast beef sandwiches and Taco Bell's bean burritos). He cut me some slack today. Whew. I suppose my afternoon now will consist of a grocery store run and actually cooking a decent meal tonight.

We were caught in the act of having a snuggly school morning. Not a bad crime to be guilty of.


Hillary said...

LOL! We're the same way. We'll work really hard all week, and then one day we'll slack off, snuggle, watch movies, etc. and THAT'S the day dh will come home early. :)

Audrey said...

IMO, those are the BEST hsing days! We've done that a few times. I always feel a wee twinge of guilt, but you know what? I never regret one minute of it.