Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Invasion of Invader Zim

We've had an invasion at our house. Thomas started watching TV again this summer and found a cartoon that he fell in love with. Invader Zim. I have watched several episodes with him and I just don't get the attraction, but then I'm not a 1o-year-old boy.

Thomas saved his money and wanted to buy action figures. (Not to be confused with dolls!!!) Sadly, the show is out of production and everything is expensive. So we turned to Ebay, bid on an auction and won. Very expensive dolls -- er, I mean action figures.

It was Christmas in June at this house. Thomas ordered four figures and it took us 27 minutes to open all the plastic packaging, undo all the twist ties and get everything out. I remember fondly the days where things just came in a cardboard box. Sigh.

Thomas has enjoyed his action figures very much, even though they cost him an arm and a leg. Really, what 10-year-old boy wouldn't love a cartoon that names its pop "poop pop" and its candy "poop candy"?

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Anonymous said...

My son is 7 and loves all things scatological. If we weren't too cheap to subscribe to cable, he would be all over cartoons featuring "poop pops" and "poop candy." :-) Your description of the invasion of action figures is too funny. It kind of reminds me of my son's burgeoning collection of about 300 Hotwheels cars.