Sunday, July 23, 2006

one night of cool

We actually had two nights of cool this week. It was absolutely wonderful. Sadly, today we're back to living in a hot house. I miss home. Home would be either South Dakota or Wyoming. Home the evenings cooled. Home there wasn't humidity.

I have a one-track mind lately. Hot, hot, hot.

Last Friday night it was so cool and nice outside I made the boys go out and play. They played a few games of horse. My nonsports-loving child will actually play basketball with his dad and is even beginning to pass a football with dad, too, although he hates it. He plays because he doesn't want to hurt dad's feelings.

Edited: What a difference a computer makes. On the boys' computer, you can actually see the photo of Thomas and his dad shooting a basket. On my old faithful computer, you can't. I guess I should have snapped the picture when it was lighter out (or learn how to photograph in the dark!)

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