Thursday, July 13, 2006


I was just reading Twice Bloomed Wisteria's blog and I got to thinking of movies and how they have touched my life -- for good or bad.

Thought I'd share my favorite and least favorite movies and why.

Favorite movie:

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.

No other movie has touched my life more than this movie. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, it is about a mom of 10 and how she saved her family from "living on the street" by contesting in the 50s and 60s. She won a few major contests and many, many smaller prizes using her wit writing jingles and poetry. She was an amazing woman with her literary skill, but even more amazing was her attitude toward life. Her husband was an alcoholic and drank most of the money. She didn't let it get her down and was upbeat, positive and a true inspiration.

This is one of the rare instances where I actually liked the movie better than the book. I loved the book, but the movie just came to life for me. I have watched this movie more times than I dare admit. The reason this touched my life so deeply is because Evelyn Ryan, the prize winner, was so positive. My mom was so negative. I've been more positive than negative as a mother, but nothing like Evelyn Ryan. I catch myself stopping and thinking before popping things out of my mouth now. I find myself actively looking for the silver lining now. I find myself complaining less about my husband and focusing more on his good qualities now.

I think this will be my favorite movie forever.

Okay, now for my least-favorite movie. I know many people who love this movie, but not me.

Dumb and Dumber.

Why is this my least favorite movie? Because I saw it when I was pregnant with Thomas. There were a *lot* of gross scenes in that movie. It was the only time during my pregnancy when I vomited. I can't even think of that movie without getting upset to my stomach. My husband will watch it whenever it's on TV. Thomas has even watched it. Me? I just hear Jim Carey or Jeff Daniels' voice and I run the other direction.

What is everyone else's best and worst picks?


Kixque said...

FINALLY...someone else who hates Jime Carey as much as I!!!

That fucktard needs to shut the fuck up!!

Sorry for the language (it is just honest feelings coming forward).

Frankie said...

:-0 lol

I have never liked Jim Carey. There is just something about him that I can't name but I don't like. The only movie I have half-way liked of his was The Truman Show. I would *never* pay money at the theater to see one of his movies. In fact, I would never rent one, either.

In fairness, I don't mind Jeff Daniels, but I cannot stand that movie.

I am a very (too?) serious person and I just can't stand the clowning around that Jim Carey does. It's obnoxious.

Hillary said...

I don't know that I could pick one favorite. I do like "Man From Snowy River," and the BBC "Pride and Prejudice," also "Les Choristes," and "Mad Hot Ballroom."

My least favorite: "The English Patient." Hands down.

Frankie said...

Oh my gosh, I remember The English Patient -- at least 15 minutes of it. I kept wondering when the movie would actually start! I think I watched it on HBO and gave up.

I'll have to start a list on what to watch: I'll add Les Choristes and Mad Hot Ballroom to the list.

wisteria said...

I'm getting that movie next time I get to choose! I need an uplifting movie.

Audrey said...

Favourite(s): If I really want to be moved it's "Tous les matins du monde." It is about the composers Marin Marais and M. de St-Colombe.

Movies I can watch again and again and again (and have): The Odd Couple - the original of course! - Singing in the Rain, Baby Boom (with Diane Keaton), and the first Harry Potter movie.

Movies I just hate: Reservoir Dogs - I know tons of guys who think it's so cool. Yuk! Actually, I think Taratino's entire catalogue isn't fit to wallow in hog sh*t.

The Cable Guy - I haven't seen many movies with Jim Carey. This one was such crap. He creeps me out.

mull-berry said...

We were first introduced to Jim Carey in "The Mask." In that role, I thought he was great ... but other similar roles, "The Grinch," etc., seems like he is recreating the same character in a different costume.

Today's cartoons are what I cringe about ... I don't really watch them but I can hear them in the next room ... Bo bo bo, Bo bo bo-bo. I can recognize different actor's voices ... John Hurley, for one. Plus, I can't tell one from another ... to me they all look and sound the same!

samuel said...

I didn't hate Jim Carey on In Living Colour, but I do now.

I like this question, but I haven't watched many movies lately for some reason. Anything by Miyazaki is certainly at the top of the list. I'm also a sucker for Kevin Smith's movies. I'm looking forward to Clerks II for sure.

One movie that I'm never sure about is Where the Day Takes You. I was once a lot closer to that movie, and it's been years since I've seen it, and I'm not sure if I want to again. But I would recomend it. It can be hard to watch.

I love watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos. I'll readily admit to that. I don't like the movie, but the original stories what were made are great stories. I've seen lots of Thomas, and I still enjoy them, even when the boys and I are quoting them.

h said...
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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I will ahve to think on this...very good question with an answer that has changed each year of my life. I totally agree with the "Hate Jim Carey" club...he just needs way too much attention.