Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tagged...5 Things

I've been tagged by Jo! This is probably a pretty boring list.

5 Things…..

In my fridge:

12-pack of Diet Rite (mine)
12-pack of Diet Coke (DH's)
2 packs of provolone cheese -- on sale couldn't resist
bagels and cream cheese, Thomas's favorite
Thomas's homemade nacho cheese experiment that is about a week old

In my Handbag:
at least 25 grocery lists
at least 25 receipts
three dollar bills and a handful of change, probably mostly pennies
a couple of most towlettes individually packed
two library cards, belonging to me and Thomas

In my Wardrobe:

Several sets of clothes in different sizes. Ahem, sadly I'm wearing the largest size at the moment
A stack of Thomas's baby clothes that I couldn't part with including the outfit we brought him home from the hospital in
Thomas's baby book
a golf club
hidden stocking stuffers/gifts that I find throughout the year (shh, don't tell Thomas)

In my car:

8 noodles we use at the beach
3 folding chairs
2 bags from Wendy's that I need to sneak into the garbage when DH isn't looking
2 watergun toy wrappers from today's dollar store purchase that Thomas left
my cleaning kit...a box of wipes, a packet of Windex wipes and a microcloth for dusting the inside of the car


wisteria said...

I'm so excited!! I have never been tagged for anything. I am finally part of the blog culture! I'm nervous. What if I disappoint?

Almost Lazarus said...

Oh brother, now everyone's going to tag you....

Becky said...

Gah. I still have an unfinished meme about books from Alexander's Maitresse from December lol. I'll see if I can whip this one off...