Monday, July 10, 2006

This is just too weird

I was going to blog about swimming lessons tonight. Before going to blogger, I was checking my favorite blogs and also telling my husband why I don't like swimming lessons.

What is weird is Audry blogged almost exactly what I was going to post! Thomas started lessons today and I was excited about visiting with other moms and came home thinking, "I'd rather have a root canal than sit and listen to all that."

We've done private lessons in the past and I think for my sanity we may just do them in the future. Plus Thomas will get all the attention that way and it would be really good for him because he's overwhelmed with all the new strokes he learned today.


Audrey said...

Weird? Nah. Great minds think alike you know. ;-)

mull-berry said...

I came to the same conclusion last night ... my family went bowling with a couple that my husband grew up with. She is an eighth grade teacher in our school district.

After she gave me a quiz about my hs choices and her faulty interpretation of the Oklahoma hs laws, she preceeded to fill me in on what was going on in her ps school this past year.

The "eighth-grade mafia" had a pre-meditated food fight in the cafeteria ... there was a parent involved in the planning.

The next two years of students coming throught the eighth grade center are to be horrendous.

Most kids are retained by at least one year.

Her own son failed English and Biology in high school and doesn't know if he will graduate on time.

Her nephew will repeating 2nd grade cause he doesn't want to learn how to read.

and on and on ...

Becky said...

There were quite a few hs'ing families in swim club (I don't know how non-hs'ing families hack the schedule) and a few hs'ing friendly types, too. But as I told Audrey, the ones who get me were the ones who, just before school let out, started moaning, "I hate to say it [and they didn't really], but I can't wait til September." Ugh.