Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well, I feel stupid. Tuesday I peaked out the window and saw no kids at the bus stop. I was surprised by that.

This afternoon we had a weekly paper delivered at 1:45 pm by one of Thomas' former classmates. I'm thinking -- why in the heck isn't that kid in school!

At about 2:15 this afternoon, I noticed older kids outside playing. I couldn't figure it out! School started Tuesday.

Well, how soon we forget! This is our third year out of public school and I completely forget about the back-to-school conferences! The Tues and Wed after Labor Day, they hold 15-minute back-to-school conferences for all kids in K-6 here. And get this: They count both days as official school days!

On the one hand, when I was the parent of a public school kiddo, I appreciated those back-to-school conferences because Thomas got to meet his teacher, take all his crap--er, school suplies in ahead of time, and it was less scary for him. It was nice for me to meet the teacher instead of waiting for the first fall parent teacher conference.

However, I am astonished that they get to claim that as an official school day and get away with it.

So, I'm ticked that we started too soon. lol Well, not really, I guess, because we're getting a good routine going. I'll peak out the window tomorrow morning and check out the cute twins across the street as they start kindergarten...I remember Thomas at that age, and all the kids in the neighborhood. They all wore backpacks that were almost bigger than they were.

Now it seems so wrong to send such young children off into the world. I knew it wasn't right then, but didn't have a husband who was on the same wavelength as I was.

Oh well. Live and learn.

I think a party is in order tomorrow. A not back-to-school party, as I keep reading about on blogs. Maybe another run for biscuits and gravy is in order. lol Any excuse to not cook breakfast here!


mom2radata said...

Our home school group talked about doing a not back to school party but we are going to the apple orchard instead. Have fun!

Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I always laugh at the vast difference between what our local school district gets counted as school (standing in line, changing classes, teacher meetings) while homeschoolers must have 900 hours of instruction. Ridiculous, but I am just happy to not have to farm my kids out to learn as such a young age.
Don't fret about starting early...we take extra breaks throughout the year that the kids LOVE, and I make it a point to drive by a school at least one of those days to look at all the miserable kids, waiting outside in the cold, so they can feel totally cool!
BTW< we would have such a blast if we lived closer together---you have that right! I would love a partner in crime, I mean, bargain-hunting!

wisteria said...

I know this sounds weird, but when I check in at the office some afternoons we have to drive by the school. We look, first to see if they are in session, someone makes a comment like, "They sure have to stay in there a long time," and finally, "What do they do all day?" We go through the same conversations almost every day. There have been school holidays I have forgotten. We have driven by and the children were mortified to find out that the school children had a holiday they didn't. The questions are then reversed, "Why did we have to do school?"