Thursday, September 07, 2006

This year's classroom photo

Pardon the fuzzy photo, it's a camera phone, what can I say. We did a little rearranging this year. Added was a desk that I picked up at a garage sale at an area public school for $1. The little table holding the hermit crab tank in the back corner was also $1 at the same sale. Oh, and the tank holding the hermit crabs was also $1 at the same sale! Whoops, can't forget the chair with the ugly blue chairpad on it -- also $1. I use that chair, believe it or not. It actually causes me less back pain than an adult-sized chair! It comes in very handy as a step stool, too.

The file thingamabob on my desk I got at a garage sale for a quarter. I'm so damned cheap! lol Of course I picked up tons of nice reading material at garage sales, too. Can we say tightwad? Oh, no, perhaps frugal diva might be better. Yeah, I like that one better.

I wonder if Thomas will grow up and complain about his garage-sale furnished childhood. tee-hee

We are liking this arrangement much better. It created lots more surface area in such a tiny room. I like having books on my desk. Thomas likes that his desk has compartments down the side to hold many books and his Alphasmart. Of course he doesn't like the "Tyler sucks" that was scratched into the edge of his desk. Oh well, I guess he could get the sandpaper out and erase it.

Even with our "nice" (to us, at least) classroom, I still go stir crazy in there. If Thomas had his way, he'd do all school in there. I can't. The first day of school this year we did and I found it boring, boring, boring. So we have decided to compromise and take turns picking where we'll study. I like to bounce around. Thomas will still snuggle with me when I'm reading to him, and our big chair is great for that!

This room is fantastic as it contains everything, including all homeschool supplies, all kid books, five hermit crabs, a cat that will not leave us alone, a dog that will not leave me alone, and probably a few spiders to boot.


Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

What a great room! I love that you got such bargains on things to boot! I wish I could have everything in one room like that! When my husband started his own business two years ago, he moved a home office into the side of our basement that had been our project room...tables for art, crafts,and timelines...with lots of cabinets and shelves.

He compensated by purchasing each kid a computer and desk. Ty does most of his work in his room by choice, and Reagan seems to flutter about the house as the mood strikes her.

Becky said...

Very inspiring for back to school season.

I cast my vote for "frugal diva". Especially because I still give my kids garage sale and Goodwill finds as Christmas and birthday presents lol.

Ms.L said...

I think it looks GREAT!
In the entire 6 years of homeschooling I don't think I've ever had a cool space like that,lol
Good for you!
Kids usually just love anything,as long as it's theirs.I don't think they have the same snobbery adults get about second hand goodies. My kids love going to thrift stores with their grandparents:)

mom2radata said...

It is just gorgeous. We don't have an extra room but eventually I suppose we will have to figure out where we want to put a desk.