Saturday, October 14, 2006

Haunted Window

Well, here it is. Our haunted window. Not a very good photo, but it will have to suffice. We used glow-in-the-dark spray paint for ghosts, spiders and other creepy things. They don't show well. They also don't glow. Oh well. I put a string of orange lights in the window so they show up better when it's dark.

As for the painting of windows, what a MESS. When I mixed the soap into the paint, I knew it was going to be a runny, drippy nightmare. And it was. We put old gross towels down on the window sills to catch any drips. The towels are soaked in paint. The paint went on so thin I couldn't see the color. That pumpkin, which is painted very poorly, has about five coats of orange. The last two coats were straight tempera paint. I figured all the soap underneath would scrape off easily. And it does. I used my Sam's Club card to scrape the eyebrows, eyes and nose. A fingernail did the mouth.

The good thing about the runny paint was the drippy-bloody letters. That was fun. I knew immediately that I would do that when I mixed the paint. My husband thought it was an accident! Not! My husband was also mad my beware dripped into one of the ghosts. He made the template for it as the templates that came with the spraypaint were way too small.

DS did the graveyard and black cat and sprayed most of the ghouls.

Now that we know what we're doing, how messy it is, and actually how much fun we had, we'll do it again next year -- but we'll plan a cool window, rather than painting haphazardly.

We also splurged and bought purple and orange lights for our stair railing to our front door. DH and Thomas were booing me for picking purple, because orange is the color of the season, but the two together looked fantastic.

I wish I were rich. I would go all out, do a grave yard in the front and do lots of cool decorations. There are many wonderful websites with such cool ideas. I think I should go buy a lottery ticket.

Next week Thomas and I are going to grab a pair of DH's old jeans and an old ugly shirt of his, stuff it with leaves, and make a man. We'll sit him on a chair under our window, paint one of our pumpkins with a face, and let the man hold his head in his lap.

That's about as creative as I can be this year.

November 1st I'll grab my Sam's Club card again, scrape the windows, and be done. I think that's the easy part.


Anonymous said...

Looks cute, Frankie! Love the drippy letters.


Anonymous said...

Drippy = spooky lol. They look great -- good job!

Occurs to me that drippy might also be useful for snowflakes/Christmas pictures once Halloween is over...

Ms.L said...

Ohhh you all did a beautiful job!
It looks so festive:)

mull-berry said...

It looks great! Sounds like you had fun.