Thursday, October 12, 2006

Today was just weird

Murphy's law was working against me today. This morning I started to do yesterday's dishes (all of 'em). They were stacked in the sink, unrinsed. I usually rinse. There were even some on the counter. It was definitely a full dishwasher load.

I turned on the water, started rinsing, and the sink clogged up. The disposer wouldn't work. Shoot. What a mess. I called DH at work. He wasn't happy.

It was C~O~L~D in Minnesota today. When I got up, I turned the radio on. The announcer informed me snow was on the ground and that it was a whopping 24 degrees out. There go my flowers! The kitchen was 62 degrees. I confirmed the radio's report by taking my dog outside. Brrrrrr.

After the dog was in, the coffee was made, I trudged down the stairs to turn the furnace on. Flipped the switch, climbed back up the stairs, and turned the thermostat on. Nothing. Oh, for the love of Pete. Nothing. I trudged back down the stairs, stood next to the furnace and heard a clicking. Click, click, click. Shoot. I called my DH. I asked him if he wanted me to call the furnace guy. No, he'd look at it over the lunch hour.

Did I mention it was 62 degrees in the kitchen?

I woke Thomas up. Luckily I had bought him a pair of fleece jammies for his birthday. He was in those. He was so cold that he put a big sweatshirt and sweat pants on -- on top of his jammies. He wore the hood.

We ate breakfast and started school. Funny, in this cold, I actually felt good. I hadn't felt this good in a very long time. The swelling in my foot was gone, for the first time in two months. It was either the cold or the fact that I did not take a sleeping pill last night.

The noon hour came quickly. He looked at the furnace, couldn't figure it out, and told me not to call, that he'd check it out after work. He ignored the sink. Yeah, that's okay, I don't need to do dishes. He was a sweetie and told me he'd take me to dinner tonight.

Thomas had an "on" day with school. He did more work today than he did the last two days put together. Maybe that cold was good for him, too.

DH got home from work and went straight for the sink. Wouldn't you know it, he got it unclogged in about two minutes. The disposer was working again. I don't think he did anything other than turn it on.

Then he went downstairs to the furnace. He vacuumed the thing out and tried it. Nothing. I brought him a flashlight and he just started laughing. It seems when the air conditioner repairmen were here this summer (of which we had THREE different companies) one of them turned the switch inside the furnace to the off position. We never do that, only the outside switch. So he turned in on and.....ah, warmth.

DH was relieved that he didn't have anything major to do, no headaches, no cursing. I was relieved everything was working. DH lied down on the couch, snuggled up under a Biederlack blanket, and fell fast asleep.

Me, I got on the internet instead of doing dishes.

All is well in my world, the heat is working, the sink is draining, Thomas did an awesome job with school today, and no cooking for me tonight!

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Mother Crone's Homeschool said...

I am so glad everything was repaired so quickly. Don't you love it when they have those "on" days? maybe it had something to do with everything else having an "off" day! It has gotten cold here as well, and too quickly. DH left the windows open last evening, and when we woke it was 59 in the house! Brr~! yes, we turned the heat on as well!