Thursday, October 05, 2006

My stupid stunt

I went to the library tonight because one of the books I had requested on ILL was in.

The book is on ADD. I read about it on some blog, checked it out at Amazon, and put in my request to get it. It was the first book I'd seen that actually gave some ideas on what to do to help with focus.

I don't know whether Thomas is ADD or not, labels don't matter, honestly. I do know that when it comes to math, he struggles with focus. So thought I'd start doing some reading.

At any rate, when I went up to the counter, the lady grabbed the book for me. She said, "Hmmm, that must be hard." The book's title is something along the lines of Dealing with Teenage ADD/ADHD." I smiled and changed the subject. It's always been a pet peeve of mine when librarians comment on what I'm checking out. Stupid, I know.

So, idiot that I am, I left. Got to my car and could not find my keys. I had left the doors unlocked because this is small-town America, it was right in front of the door, and I knew I'd be back in two minutes. I hopped in the car, emptied the entire contents of my purse onto the seat. No keys. I literally dumped my purse. Good thing I just cleaned it out. lol

The horror of horrors...having to go back into the library to look for my keys. I hopped out, traced my steps; sadly, no keys. I went straight to the counter and asked if she had found a set of keys. She gave me the most odd was absolutely priceless. Yes, the woman who commented about my ADD book two minutes prior, was judging me, probably laughing, and thinking what an idiot was. No keys.

I was embarrassed and scurried out of there. As I was walking, I looked down and tucked neatly in the side pocket of my purse were my keys. I never put them there.

So I gave the lady a good laugh. I'm sure she's thinking that I need to read the book for me! And karma biting me in the butt because I should have replied to her comment about the book instead of changing the subject.

Doesn't sound so funny reading through -- had to be there, I guess. I laughed all the way home, though. I thought the next time I go to the library and see her, I should wear a tshirt that says I suffer from ADD and CRS disease. My husband bought me a keychain years ago that says I suffer from CRS disease....can't remember shit. He bought it because I was always losing my keys.

And so it goes.

And no, I don't remember where I put my keys when I got home.

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Meg L. said...

Boy that librarian was so out of line! One thing that I did like about the public library in Albuquerque is that they put the reserve books on a special shelf for you to go pull for yourself. Then they wrap the spine with a sheet of typing paper with your last name on it.

Someone looking can only see your name and the white paper covers the front cover of the book as well, so no one see what you've checked out.

They also have self-serve check-out machines that were so neat.