Friday, December 08, 2006

Date night!

When Bob got home from work tonight, he said he'd take us to dinner at the Mexican restaurant and then we could come home and decorate the tree/house.

Wow, very unlike Bob to 1) Offer to spend money on eating out and 2) Get in that Christmas spirit.
I'm running with it! I did suggest we go to the new Chineese restaurant in town. It's the old Chineese restaurant that was sold, then turned into a buffet, then just recently sold back to the original owners. I know the woman who owns it, she's very nice, and so I wanted to go say hi and be supportive.

I cannot believe it is the 8th of December and my decorating is not done. I did put the tree up yesterday. I did do clings in the windows. I don't like clings but use them to afford us some privacy from our nasty neighbors directly across the street! Now if only I could do something about that barking poodle next door.

Thomas and I had a wonderful school week. Lots of learning went on. That was just what we needed, to get back into a routine and feel better. And we do. We still don't have that Christmas spirit, but I think tonight after decorating the tree, we'll feel it a bit more.

Next week is a killer week schedule wise. Doctor appointments, mamogram appointment, dentist appointments, three cub scouts we'll be doing light school: math and reading. I've been printing like crazy this week and snapping up all the holiday books at my library. We're doing a holiday season study. Ho ho ho. What homeschooler isn't? lol

Well, I need to get ready for date night. Date night in this family always includes Thomas! =)


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Not a hee-haw in sigh! Have a great time.


Sue said...

Oh I wish Ken would do date night. It sounds so romantic and fun! The best I get is Boston Legal with a bowl of popcorn on Tuesday Hope you got your decorations up! Let me know how your holiday studies go.

Steph said...

Oh ... are we supposed to have our decorations up by now? Oops! *LOL* I hope you enjoyed your date night! That is awesome. ;-)