Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Twice in one day

Wow, believe it or not, I got tagged twice in one day. Wisteria tagged me for Six Weird Things About Myself. I love the fact that I am weird, but my answers may scare people off.

1. I can see cancer. Well, not always, but sometimes. I see a dirty cloud or aura around people. I can see it in real life and on television. I do not see it on everyone who has cancer, but many, many, many times in my life I have had a mere glimpse of someone and blurted out: he/she has cancer. I have never been wrong. I did not see it with my father-in-law. I'd say I see it about 25% of the time.

2. I can water-witch. Years ago my husband took me to his parents' land, cut a willow Y-shaped branch and handed it to me. I did, and I walked around and all of a sudden the bark peeled off in my hands and the stick pointed straight down. It was one of the weirdest experiences I've ever had. We usually do it for fun when we're out there, although I've yet to have Thomas do it. Bob can do it, too. By the way, the spot where the bark peeled in my hands is where they dug their well.

3. My left foot is one size larger than my right foot. Makes shoe-buying/comfort a nightmare. I have another part of my anatomy that is one size larger than the other, I'm not saying what, although I'm told no one can notice. That kind of bugs me. My right cheek is higher than my left cheek due to a childhood monkey bar accident. I have a hard time keeping my eyeglasses level due to it.

4. When my mom was alive, I had a connection with her that was unreal. I knew when she was sick, I knew her ring as she called the house, I knew a lot of things that I couldn't have possibly known. For example, when I was a teen and in Europe, I suddenly went crazy telling everyone my mother was gravely ill. The teachers/sponsors were almost mad at me and telling me I was nuts. I knew something was wrong. I
felt it. Three days later that feeling went away as abruptly as it came. When I got home, 30 days later, I had found mom had had a cardiac episode and was in the hospital -- right when I knew she was ill. The day I felt better was the day she was released. She didn't tell me because she didn't want to ruin my trip.

5. I have gone to psychics and psychic fairs, and I believe in all that stuff. Well, some of it. I'm also a skeptic, but I believe in some of it.

6. My husband says I have funky religious beliefs, or a home-brewed religion. Yes, I call myself a Christian, but I also believe in what I call spiritualist or new age beliefs. I'm talking mild stuff, I'm not expecting visitors from another galaxy any time soon nor do I line my walls with foil. I am also a contrarian.
My husband says that if someone tells me to do something, I say no just because they told me to do it. I'd lump into this category that I'm a nonconforming nonconformist. I go way beyond being a nonconformist. My cousin pegged me with that term. So--don't ever tell me what to do. lol Okay, so with this confession on a semi-secular blog, there go the bloglines subscriptions, the blog hits, etc. lol

It's a good thing I am usually a very private person about such things, eh? At least I'm nonjudgmental and support everyone's rights to what they believe. Well, almost everyone. ;-)

Live and let live.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading your six things. I also have psychic/metaphysical stuff happening, but I didn't even think of any of it when making my list. I would suppose the fact that I did not think that weird makes me even weirder? We so have to road trip together girl! the fun we would have !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing!! It seems as if I read an article about a scientist training a dog to sniff out cancer with great success. So, you aren't weird just talented and in tune with indicators the normal person can't see. I would guess that the cancer seeing is connected to the water witching and the connection with your mother and your # 5 and 6.

Ms.L said...

I looove this!
You're a pretty amazing person.
Don't worry about what other people think Love,I believe the skills you have are perfectly natural and am thrilled to learn about them.
I have some neat skills too:)
Thanks for the tag!