Thursday, March 29, 2007

Biscuits and Gravy

Awhile ago I blogged about our Hardee's closing and how upset it made us. Thomas loves his biscuits and gravy, so we always went the first morning of school, then throughout the year as a special treat. (Or as a great incentive for him to get up early.)

Earlier this week as we were driving around, we noticed a sign at Burger King: Try our new biscuits and gravy.

And so we did.

For some unknown reason, Thomas actually awoke early and was up and dressed by 7 am. That is an amazing feat, believe it or not. So I thought a special Burger King run was in order.

I drove up to the microphone and placed our order: One biscuits and gravy and one large diet pop, please. (The pop was for me.) As we pulled around the side of the building, we saw this advertisement:

I know, I know, you can't read it. The first sign said: This burger is stocked full of good stuff. The second sign says: Just like our 10,000 lakes.

Now I don't know who came up with that advertising campaign, but it immediately made me nauseous. I know they were talking about good fish, but I was thinking of fish byproducts. Come summer, our lakes (we have several lakes in our small town) smell. They're full of algae. They're an ugly green. And that is what came to my mind immediately, not lovely fish. I don't like fish anyway. So I had my laugh of the morning.

Thomas was in heaven: Fast, easy, cheap biscuits and gravy. (I know, I could make them -- Bob does every once in awhile.)

He ate every last drop. He also said they're not quite as good as Hardee's. He was happy nonetheless.


samuel said...

It made me think of 10,000 lakes worth of Burger King. I'm not sure which of your fish or my BK sounds worse.

Audrey said...

Well, as long as the bicuits and gravy were at least acceptable! You've made me hungry for some now. Thing is... dh can't stand the sight or the mere mention of them, so I'll have to find some extra chores for him to do through lunch.

Carrie said...

Hardees really does have some good biscuits n' gravy. I've been meaning to try KFC's new "bowl" thingee with a big biscuit on the bottom, a boatload of gravy (I *think* it's white gravy), and some chicken on top. Sounds great. Do you have a KFC nearby?