Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeling very happy tonight

Today was one of those -- WOW, HOMESCHOOLING IS GREAT days!

Thomas got up early, had his special breakfast, and we set out to work. He worked very hard. He even gave up his usual morning break to continue plugging along. At noon, I looked at my list and aside from reading and physics in the evening with dad, he was done.

Impossible that we had a four-hour school day! I don't know who was more excited, Thomas or I. Well, I do, it was me. After Bob left from lunch, Thomas settled in with his book and I took a hot, long bubble bath. During the day. It was a very overcast day where it tries to rain all day, sometimes managing a little precipitation hitting the ground, but definitely foggy. It was a snuggle in your jammies kind of day.

And that is what I did. After my luxurious soak, I threw on my favorite nightgown, grabbed my favorite Biederlack blanket, and found the couch and remote. Thomas snuggled in. I think he thought we'd have fun with TV for the afternoon, but the mom that I am found a two-hour show on the Dark Ages on the History Channel. I remember the first hour, but after that I was sawing logs. Thomas enjoyed what he saw. I wonder if he changed the channel when he heard me snoring? (Yes, I snore.)

When I woke up Thomas was making a cave with all the blankets in our house. (We have about eight of those lovely Biederlack blankets.) The tv was not on. I got up and felt energized so I vacuumed the entire living room, even moving furniture. I vacuumed the entire upstairs. I did all my daily chores that I never get done during the day. Wow.

Bob and Thomas did physics after supper tonight and that went well. (Sometimes it's a bit rocky because the two are too alike and butt heads.)

So I'm just feeling great, relaxed yet energized and very happy.

I wonder...would it be possible for this life-long nightowl to change her ways and become a morning bird?

Thomas has already told me he wants normal routine back tomorrow. I think I'll surprise him with some banana nut muffins to entice him out of bed instead.

I'm seeing the light -- the early morning sun rays, and they are nice.


Jo said...

I'm glad you had such a great day! :)

momof3feistykids said...

What a glorious day! :-)

Ms.L said...

Oooh it sounds so wonderful:)
Here's to many more!

Hope said...

As a former nightowl, I can tell you that not only is it possible to convert to a morning-bird. It is possible to actually enjoy it. LOL! That is exactly what is happening to me! When I can get myself into bed on time I wake up with such a positive energy (at 5:30 am). And it infects the kids too. Good luck and congrats on a great day! Hope