Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A busy day

We don't typically have busy days outside the home. I do that for my benefit. Today, though, we had a field trip and a play date at a friend's house.

The local homeschool group went to a pizza place and the kids got a tour of the kitchen and got to make their own pizzas. They had fun. I was wishing I had their kitchen -- the dishwasher that washed and dried dishes in two minutes really excited me! And the pizza oven. That would be fun.

Thomas and all the kids had fun. After eating the kids went outside and played in the yard and the moms talked shop. I used to think I didn't fit in because I had nothing in common, but in reality we have a big thing in common: love of our kids and homeschooling. Whoops, that's two big things.

A lovely outing, during school hours, in a public place -- wow. What a day.

It got better because we went to a friend's new house. I was a little envious because I absolutely loved her house -- it was huge, designed nicely and on the lake -- gorgeous. Then I come home to my little home that has many unfinished projects...sigh. We had a good time, though.

After supper, Thomas and his dad were getting ready for train club. I was so glad I didn't have to go because I was tired. As they were heading out the door, the phone rang. I answered and it was Bob's boss. He never calls here so it raised the hair on my neck. Bob took the phone and was very serious, giving uh-huh's, yeses, mmmm's for the longest time. I was thinking the worst -- maybe he'll have to fly out of town tomorrow unexpectedly to attend to one of the projects. I was dreading that only because I'm not caught up with his laundry. Well, this phone call had nothing to do with work. All of a sudden Bob said, "Well, the key is in the axles."

I bust out laughing so hard that I'm sure his boss heard me. The light bulb went on and I figured out that phone call. It is Pinewood Derby time. His boss's son is new to scouting and this is his first pinewood derby. His boss called him to ask for help/info/pointers in designing their pinewood derby car.

Bob walked out of the room when I was laughing but came back when I shut my mouth. He then told his boss how Thomas's cars did very well, having won districts three years in a row.

Guess who is going to take Thomas's pinewood derby cars to work tomorrow to show to the boss? I just think this is so funny.

The clincher, though, is this. When Bob hung up the phone, he laughed and said: "I would hope that the boss could help his son build a better car than we did. After all, he is a mechanical engineer."

And so it goes. Never a dull moment, but lots of laughs.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Thanks for the fun!

My son is now in boy scouts, so this was our first year post-pinewood derby. I never thought I'd miss it, but I do!

My husband used to get more into it than N. did. He is a mechanical engineer, as he would take the stuff to work and weigh it on the analytical balance. One year, he went to the lab to smelt lead weights.

They would make two cars--one was N.'s and one was my husband's. I think the dads enjoy pinewood derby as much as the kids do!

momof3feistykids said...

Sounds like the men are having as much fun with soapbox derby stuff as the boys. The pizza trip and playdate sound fun, too.