Saturday, June 09, 2007

I Love a Parade

I do, I love parades. And one thing my small town has going for it is that it has good parades.

Every June my town has a parade. We always go. Today was the lucky day. The parade lasted two hours! Tons of marching bands (my favorite), floats and give-aways. Very few horses in small-town Minnesota -- miss the South Dakota parades for lots of beautiful horses.

Our town has a 3M plant. I lose all manners during the parade because I love the 3M give-aways. This year I got five no-scratch sponges. Woo-hoo. I gave one to my friend because she didn't get one. I also got a super-sticky notepad, a tape dispenser, a sticky-note dispenser and a leaf sticky-note pad. All from 3M. All because I BEG. I also make my husband beg. He does, because he knows how fun the 3M stuff is for me.

Thomas made a haul with the candy! Between Bob, Thomas and our friends, I think we only brought half the candy home with us -- they sat and munched on Tootsie Rolls during the entire parade. (I don't like candy unless it is chocolate, and Tootsie Rolls just don't count for me.) Lots of people gave out cold water bottles and Popsicles, which went well with the candy.

This was a lovely parade, but I do have one complaint. Ahem, go figure, ME complaining -- again. There were a few horses. I'd guess a dozen in total. As one rode past us, I knew there were problems. That horse was NOT happy. He was jumping around. I told Bob to look. We both sat there with our mouths open because we knew something was going to happen. The rider wasn't experienced at all -- it was a woman in her 20s. She had no control over that horse and he was all over the place. They went by us and I just kept staring at the horse.

The horse and rider were about four units ahead of us and that horse had had enough. It bucked and bucked and finally threw her off. I actually screamed and everyone around me stood up to look and gasped. The woman landed flat on her back. The horse was ticked off, someone grabbed it, and the woman got up. Thankfully it appeared she wasn't hurt. Now at this point the LOGICAL thing to do -- well, based on my seeing that horse/rider for the three minutes I saw it -- would have been to TAKE IT OUT OF THE PARADE. Ticked off horses do not belong in a parade -- way too much potential for injury. Little kids, old folks, crowds -- un-huh.

So what does the gal do after she dusts herself off? She mounts the horse. I couldn't keep my big fat mouth shut and I screamed, "Take the horse out of the parade." I am just so awful. But that was just so logical. Guess what the horse did? Started bucking -- again. This time instead of getting bucked off, the gal got off and led the horse. He was frisky, still not happy, darting around -- and then they turned the corner and went out of my sight.

I hope it settled down. That just really scared me. Bob and I both knew she was an inexperienced rider because she was digging in with her hips -- I can't explain it well, like she was bearing down, kinda-sorta. It was just odd and atypical. We also thought she was terrified -- and the horse knew it.

Here's a picture of our stash. I'm already looking forward to next year: What will 3M give away next?


wisteria said...

That is quite a haul. I've never gotten anything other than beads, candy, and other trinkets.

Kamrin said...

I got a connection to a 3M employee. I think I may have to send this link as a hint! I love 3M! Sounds like so much fun! I am sorry for the poor horse. I hate it when folks forget that horses have feelings too.

mull-berry said...

What a haul! : )