Monday, June 04, 2007


This afternoon, after Thomas and I both slept until 11!!!!, we did our last leg of the CAT5. Thomas finished two minutes before the timer was set to go of. He set his pencil down and loudly proclaimed: "I'm a 6th grader, now!" He didn't even whine when I told him we needed to finish up the test. Yeah.

We hopped in the car and drove to McDonald's for a dollar ice cream cone to celebrate. I had to dig in the bottom of my purse before we left. I found nine quarters. I was thrilled that they have reduced the price of these twists and it only cost $1.47. lol We thoroughly enjoyed our treat.

When Bob got home from work, he cornered Thomas and asked where we ate out today. Thomas was stunned that dad knew. He questioned him, "How did you know?" And Bob laughed his evil laugh. The water from the air conditioner on the garage floor was the dead give away. (Bob hates that we do fast food occasionally.)

Thomas and I discussed where to start for summer plans. He has agreed to a good house cleaning this week. It's going to be very cool, in the low 70s, so we'll be able to open windows and air things out. He's excited to get his room done so he can have friends IN the house. lol Our school room is a disaster and will take at least a day to get in order. I'll share an after-the-school-year photo before we tackle it.

Thomas and I listened to Eragon on CD the last couple weeks of school. We finally finished last week. That was a nice treat to listen to it, as we loved the voices of the reader. Thomas begged to rent the movie, so we did tonight. We loved the movie, but Thomas kept complaining: Hey, that's not like the book. All through the movie. I just laughed. Bob just confirmed that movies always destroy the author's books.

Thomas is a chip off the old block. Bob is not much fun to watch movies with -- especially if he's read the book. He analyzes, nitpicks, and complains his way through entire movies. Yup, like father, like son.

I loved the movie, and I really loved the actor that played Eragon. I thought he had a beautiful smile in his eyes.

I guess that's it from the middle of nowhere today. Except that our new geography book arrived, a friend emailed me about next year's plans, and I cannot turn myself "off" and sat at the kitchen table for more than an hour figuring, planning, daydreaming about next year....sigh.


Heather said...

My husband and I rented Eragon last night. We loved it to. We have not read the book though so it was still very enjoyable.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

My husband is the same way!

After the first LOTR movie, I went to all of the others with N. first, and only later with Bruce. That way, I was prepared!

He wants to see them, but he geeks out on the movies and fusses and picks through them. I married an engineer. Now I have to live with it. Good thing he's cute!

samuel said...

The LOTR movies, though not especially like the book so often, gets a pass in my book because it would be impossible to have condensed the books too much, and I really feel that Peter Jackson did a great job with the movies. My main problem with LOTR movies is that the actors' portrayals are the characters I tend to see in my head now when I reread the books.

I haven't seen Eragon yet, but I get a feeling that I will nitpick. Another movie based on a book that I think I'll refuse to see is Bridge to Terabithia. I never had any interest in the book till the movie came out at which time I did read the book and absolutely loved it.

RuthSean said...

Hello Thomas, this is Sean from Ireland. Thank you very much for the comment. I saw the movie Eragon and think it is very good isn't it? What age are you? Do you like being home schooled? Do you like cars? I like Audi.

Frankie said...

elisheva, my husband is an engineer, too. lol