Sunday, July 08, 2007


We got a call from my sister-in-law tonight. It seems my mother-in-law has been evacuated due to a wild fire. News reports state 20 - 27 homes have been destroyed, one person has died. MIL knew the man who perished, but his name has not officially been released, so I won't mention it. Apparently he was calling his dog as he was evacuating and his propane tank exploded, killing him.

We're assuming no news is good news on the state of her home, but we don't know yet. We're just very thankful that MIL is safe, in a local motel with her new kitties and her daughter who was visiting at the time of the evacuation.

This is so sad and so scary. We were just there a few weeks ago and it was very dry. She worried about lightning all the time, and that is the apparent cause of the fire.

Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers.


Mama B said...

How Scary! I'm glad she's (MIL) safe.
I'm also glad to hear from you :) I've been wondering how you have been doing and such!

Becky said...

Oh no! The fire and the death actually made the national radio news this morning, and I thought of you. Little did I know...

Very, very scary. Will keep her in our thoughts.