Monday, July 09, 2007

Mitchell Corn Palace

In South Dakota, along Interstate 90, is a town named Mitchell. Its claim to fame is the Corn Palace. You may learn more about it here and visit their live webcam here.

When we're driving through South Dakota, we just want to get where we're going so we've never driven into Mitchell to see the Corn Palace. (Okay, I always wanted to but Bob didn't.) Since Bob wasn't with us on this trip, we decided to stop.

It's a building. It has corn murals on the outside and inside. It's a mini-sports arena inside, with the court doubling as a big tourist gift shop.

I think it would be more fun to see it after the harvest when the outside murals are new and fresh.

It's one of those places that you can say: Oh, yes, I've been there...ONCE -- and keep it at that, ONCE. lol


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

We stopped at the Mitchell Corn Palace on the way to Field Camp in the Black Hills in 1982.

I agree--it was one of those stop-once-so-you-can-say-you-saw-it sort of touristy places.

Glad your MIL's home is safe so far. Is that the fire in the Black Hills?

When we come home from a trip, N. always needs several days to settle down. And I stay in my PJ's into the afternoon sometimes! You need that--see the last post on Life Without School. You'll feel better about it!

Glad you're back, hope the legs stop itching, and congratulations on driving I-25. I drive it several times a week, but in Albuquerque.

Carole in DE said...

Ahhh, such memories! We stopped in at the Corn Palace one year ago, almost to the day on our way back to DE!! Yes, one of those places you need to visit just once.

How fun!

Glad to hear that you are back home, safe and sound. Now off to read your other posts.