Monday, July 09, 2007

When the bed bug bites...

After itching all day, rubbing these welt-type things on my legs, and noticing that there are a couple on my stomach as well, I did some googling.

I think I was bitten by bed bugs.

There is a website here in which the bites on the lady's arm are identical to the bites on my legs. I'd take pictures of my legs and share them, but, um, well, I didn't shave my legs this morning because of the welts, and who wants to see my ugly hairy legs covered in welts, ya know?

Oh joy.

I hope to h-e-double-toothpicks that I didn't bring any into my home. I will watch for little "blood" droplets on the sheets for a week. If we find any, we'll contact an exterminator. If not, we got lucky.

It's quite funny that THE most expensive hotel I stayed in during this entire trip (Holiday Inn Express) is where I got bed bugs...but I hear they don't discriminate. And it's not that a Holiday Inn Express is expensive, for that matter.

How lucky that Thomas didn't get the bug. He had two bites on his shoulder, but that was it.

Now I'm off to Walgreen's to get some anti-itch cream. These itch, and they itched before I figured out what they were. However, now that I know that it was BUGS, they itch all the more.


And another thing (Yes, dad, I really do complain all the time) why on earth is blogger not letting me put titles into these posts? Not one single title out of the three entries I posted today. What's up with that?


mull-berry said...

Check the color of your headlines on "Layout." They might be the same as your page color! Don't ask me how I know! LOL

Glad you're back.

Carole in DE said...

I would let the hotel know that you got bed bug bites; just as an FYI.