Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late-Night Surfing Can Be Dangerous to One's Health

I was somewhere on the net tonight and clicked a link to the 50th anniversary of The Osmond Brothers. Having been a child of the 70s, I had a crush on Donny and Jimmy, both.

Well, I had just taken a sip of pop when I clicked. Big mistake. There, before my eyes, was a completely white-haired Merrill Osmond. At this time I started choking on the pop in my mouth. And that's never good because it fizzed up. Good grief, The Osmond Brothers almost killed me.

I exaggerate. But I did choke. Then I swallowed that air-filled pop. I burped -- loud. Perhaps I should have sung an Osmond tune while I was burping, but I didn't think fast enough to do that.

When did this happen? When did The Osmond Brothers get OLD???

I only spent a few minutes at their website. The spinning pictures annoyed me. Frankly, I've outgrown their music. It just doesn't really appeal to me anymore. (Okay, I'm lying, some of it is okay, but I won't be buying an album.) Donny Osmond singing the Bee Gee's How Deep is Your Love just didn't cut it for me. Nobody can do that song but the Brothers Gibb. (Yes, I love the Bee Gees -- I admit it!) I clicked on several of their links and scanned.

I was shocked as Alan Osmond walked on stage with a cane. My initial reaction was to find out what had happened. And I found out. Sadly, he has MS.

Well, after nearly choking, I ended up having a nice ten minutes or so going down memory lane, catching up with the old heart-throbs, teeth and all. It is unsettling, though, to see that white hair. If they're old, that means I'm getting older, too.

I think tomorrow I'll introduce Thomas to The Osmond Brothers. In fact, I think I'll greet him in the morning by singing I'm a little bit country -- NO, I am definitely Rock 'n Roll. (My twist on words. I always change the words in songs to suit me.)

I think Thomas needs to learn that little bit of trivia: Osmonds, teeth, LDS, millions of kids, good, clean entertainment. I'll tell him about the story I read years ago that their father made them clean their auditorium restrooms before or after performances. I'll tell him about my crush on Donny and Jimmy. I'm sure he'll roll his eyes and ask if he can go outside and play -- so that he can be very far from me.

Sheesh, white hair. Sigh.


Gherkin Pickle said...

The Bee Gee's are awesome. I guess I have to admit I had Donny and Marie dolls. Your day sounds like it is going to be a wonderful trip down memory lane...and every kid nees that!

Kamrin said...

Yeah. I saw Air Supply on TV hawking 70's music and they wer all old and white haired. I am still in shock.
PS-I liked Donny Osmond. He was hot.

Becky said...


I was more of a David Cassidy fan (and my sister, three years younger, loved loved loved Bobby Sherman). But we did watch the Donny and Marie show, and I seem to remember the Saturday morning cartoon with Jimmy.

All of the Elvis stuff every year on this date is always a blast from the past. He'd be 72 today...

Meg_L said...

LOL - Bee Gee's, god, we could have truly embarassed the kids. Maybe I'll sing country/rock and roll to Girl just to watch her eyes roll.

Kate in NJ said...

Big Bee Gee fan here!!
Don't care who knows it either. ;-)
I also had the Donny and Marie dolls, and my friends and I would act out the shows during the winter when there was ice to skate on.
OK, I may have just crossed over into
"very lame" lol.