Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy November

My mood continues to be extremely melancholic. I am just so heartbroken over Jerry Lee. He is doing very well.

We live on a street where lots of homes give out trick or treat candy, but the houses on either side of us do not. Plus we do not have sidewalks, and that is a recipe for exclusion. I watched out my door and counted 50 trick or treaters, and not one came to my house. So I told Bob to grab Jerry's leash, and we'd go T&Ting too.

Jerry did great. We went around the block, and it is a long block. We stopped at every house and had jerry in a sit stay. Jerry was a perfect angel and really enjoyed watching all the kids running around in ghost and goblin and witch and devil form. He would rest, but was raring to go. He had a great night. His tail wagged the whole time.

Thomas got more candy than ever. He split it into two piles: That which he would eat and the other pile was for dad. It was about a 50/50 split. My child will not eat Nestle Crunch, KitKats or most suckers. He will take a very long time to devour the consumable stash, although he's been picking away at it.

Halloween was fun. It lifted my spirits to be out and about and get fresh air.

This year we made three pumpkins. I did a very generic haunted house, the first time I've used a pattern wihtout Bob's help. What a PITA that was! It took forever. Thoams and I watched spooky haunted house shows while we carved pumpkins. I kept asking him if it would scare him and he assured me that it would not.

Later that evening, Bob fell asleep on the couch and guess who requested to sleep with him. I asked him why and he sheepishly informed me that the shows did scare him a little. So nice to know I'm still a safety net.

We're still looking forward to our new puppy. We're wondering if Jerry Lee might be around when she comes. Stranger things could happen. He's doing very well, but if he tunrs, I'm sure it will go fast. We take things one day at a time with him and enjoy him to pieces.

We're thinking of puppy names. We've made lists and lists. We've added on, scratched out, inked in many more. We've searched every pet naming site online, plus baby nameing online sites. Some of our favorites are:

Sadie, Sasha, Licorish, Misty, Missy, Cassie, Inky, Patsy, and Black Beauty, BB for short.

That list changes on a daily basis, but those names always remain.

We have not heard back from our breeder for awhile. We have asked a few questions, specifically when we can come visit and she hasn't gottne back to us. Oh well. Pups are two weeks old now, so they're at that "finally getting cute" stage. Newborn puppies are beautiful, but definitely not cute yet.

School today was pajama school! I love those days when we do that, but dread the doorbell ringing. We got a lot done today, even though we were slow and relaxed. Thomas finished reading The Call of the Wild. It is now his favorite book of all time. Of course after he finishes reading every book, it becomes his favorite book of all time. Next book on the agenda is Anne Frank.

I broke my rule and we watched the movie before he had read the book. Thanks to our library for that. I should own that book myself, though, so it's my fault. I'm thinking of buying a copy and donating it to our library. Will talk to the librarian about that in the future.

I got a comment on my blog entry about my library not having Anne Frank that I wish to share.
Anonymous said...
My name is Lucy, I'm the Head of Education at the Anne Frank Trust in the UK. Your blog showed up on my Google alert. (Big Brother's watching!!!)

I am appalled at the lack of the Diary in your library - I'd send you one to put in there is it didn't cost twice as mush as a the book itself to get it there!

I see you're homeschooling. I thought I'd mention an online tool which has just launched its American arm you might like to use with the children:

You don't need a library for that!

Good luck.


4:50 AM

Anonymous said...
Apologies for the typos in my previous post - they don't do my reputation much good!

- Lucy

4:52 AM

I checked out the website, and it looks good. Will spend more time there next week. Thank you for sharing. As I said, I am thinking of donating a copy. No library should be without Anne Frank.

I'm looking forward to the changing of the clocks this weekend. With all this extra sun, trick or treating in the sunlight was just weird.


Becky said...

I'm glad Halloween gave you a little lift. I know this must be such a difficult see-saw to be on right now.

Thanks for passing on the Anne Frank info, too :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thanks for the link and I'm glad to hear you got a bit of a mood boost.
It's nice that you have been able to make some more wonderful memories with Jerry.