Friday, November 02, 2007

Jerry Update

Here's a photo, taken three minutes ago, of Jerry. He's chewing on a bone and making a mess of my carpet. He doesn't act or look sick at all. That's one reason this is so difficult -- we get lulled into the false belief that he's okay. He's not.

On October 1st we saw the second vet. That was the day he was diagnosed and given two weeks to live. Good job, Jerry. He's just not ready yet.


audrey said...

The most awesome thing about animals is how they totally live in the "now." Jerry is just enjoying the now.

Anonymous said...


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You know, you are a brave woman to do all of Jerry's mourning for him, so that he can enjoy each moment! And he looks like he is doing that very well!

We also had zero trick-or-treaters. But since we live two miles from any main road in a little known subdivision surrounded by woods, we did not even buy candy! However, I took N. and several religious school friends around a neighborhood in town after Machin (religious school) and they made quite a haul in an hour! So we've got candy here now.

And I am really glad the time changed. It was getting really hard to get up with the sunrise still hours away. It was rising after 8 AM here.