Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day

Thomas and I ended school early today and drove to the polls. Two questions were on the ballot this year.

1) Yada yada yada...should we give the school district $20 million to build a new school.

2) Yada yada If number 1 passes, should we give them an additional $9 million for maintenance of the current schools?

NO -- NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

Our schools are really weird here. There's one school for K-2 for the whole city. There's another school for 3-6 for the entire city. High school is 7th-12th grade for the entire city. That bugged me before I ever sent Thomas off to kindergarten.

They want to close the K-2 school and build new next to the 3-6 school. A few years ago they used to have a 3-4 school and it was really close to our house. They closed that and packed the kids together at the middle school. It is just strange.

Anyway, they just need to learn how to budget their money for the repairs they need to make. I've been to the school they want to close many, many times. The only thing I saw wrong with it was that the ceiling tiles in the basement needed repair. What I didn't see wrong, but I suspect they need, is to replace the heating system.

Let's throw the baby out with the bath water and just build a brand-new school instead. I would vote for needed repairs in a heartbeat. I don't understand why they don't budget that to begin with, though.

And on another note, I am proud to announce that this blog is:

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I knew this was a G-rated blog even before I checked out that website. Thomas reads the blog so I mind my manners. I know that some moms and kids read my blog, too. I keep it clean.

Speaking of elections, when are the powers that be going to include some categories that glorify home education? Categories such as best science blog, best literary blog, best math blog, best art blog, etc.? The stuff that really counts and puts homeschooling in a good light? You know, academics? Isn't that what homeschooling is all about? There are some fantastic blogs out there that really should receive such an award. That has always seemed so obvious to me and I've never understood why those types of blogs aren't first on their list. ???

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