Friday, November 09, 2007

Back from the vet

We went to the local vet. Belly did indeed have an abscess that had burst. (Thanks Doc and Johnny!) He did give her a shot of cortisone and antibiotics. I have to put cream in the wound three times a day. That really hits my "eww" nerve, which is a very short nerve, but I'll manage for the love of the cat.

Whew, thankfully that's all it is and hopefully the meds will clear things right up.

You know, the vet was fine. I assume the great vet would have done the same. I think the local vet just doesn't have the end-of-life compassion that the great vet does. We've gone to the local vet for ten years. He gave my Cub Scouts a tour and was pretty good with the kids. During this tour, I point blank asked him what was the favorite part of his job. Surgery. And I think he's very good at surgery. He's just not a good people person, and isn't good with the death part.

He is always great at answering Thomas' million and one questions that he asks, though.

What a morning. Our other kitty, Snowball, escaped this morning. (Our cats are indoor cats because in our town it's illegal for cats to be outside.) I spent 20 minutes trying to find him. I came within a foot several times, but he is too fast for this old lady. So he's still out and about, but he's staying in our yard. Hopefully he'll get tired and come in soon.

We haven't done school. Not one single thing. So it's going to be a busy afternoon. Plus Bob decided to take the afternoon off from work. It's more difficult doing school with Bob around because he breaks up our routine. Oh well.

Time for a math test, some art, some history and science. I think we'll skip all the other stuff today.


Gerkin Pickle said...

So happy the cat is gonna be ok. I know what you mean about the routine being messed up. If I know Cool is gonna be home I scrap school work because there is just no use. have a good one!

Angela said...

Glad to hear it is easily treatible. Poor kitty!

I think finding a vet is a very personal thing. I emotionally need a vet who is practical and not overly emotional, while still excellent with the pets. I have had those who tried guilting us into expensive treatments and surgeries (chemo, amputation) who called into question our compassion and love when we refused. It is so horrible to be faced with a beloved pets terminal illness without that sort of pressure. I am glad you found one who works for all of you.

Summer Fae said...

I am glad that your cat is going to be ok. I had a really hard time finding a vet that I liked. I think we had 3 before we found one that didn't talk down to me.

Kate in NJ said...

I was lucky to find a vet I liked,they have someone "on call" 24 hours, 7 days a week-like my pediatrician.
My friends think I'm a little crazy
to think of it the same way- but that's me.:-)
Glad your kitty is ok.

Becky said...

Oh my stars, you've had your hands full. As Angela said, I'm glad it's easily taken care of (ewww factor aside). Speedy recovery wishes :)

Heather said...

I'm glad your kitty is ok. When we have pets that need regular doctoring of their icky wounds, I make my husband do it. It turns my stomach. Somehow doctoring the kids never bothers me, but the pets? Gross. I'll do it if I HAVE to, but I'd just rather not.