Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh no

My heart hurts tonight, even worse than it's been lately.

We bought the cats new cat food tonight and I mixed it with the old cat food. I couldn't find my black and white kitty so I went searching. She was on my bed. I picked her up and she was crying, but she's not one that likes to be held unless it's on her terms, so I figured she was just unhappy. I brought her to the kitchen and her food bowl.

Thomas let out a shriek. "Mom, look at her butt!" It's actually on the far left side of her hind quarters, but there is a huge open sore that is completely gross and disgusting looking. She didn't want any food, and wanted out of there-NOW. I gently picked her up and took her back to my bedroom.

I have no idea what it is. My stomach is churning. She was fine all day, she begged for a bite of my lunch, she let me know when the water bowl was empty. She was moving around just find and I didn't see the sore earlier today.

I'll be calling a vet first thing tomorrow. Here's my dilemma. Do I call the old vet, who has all her records, and has treated her for the past 10 years OR do I call the new vet that is fantastic but an hour and a half away. (Well, okay, an hour and 15 minutes.)

The old vet has NO compassion and we did not feel comfortable with his treatment of Jerry Lee. Jerry would be long gone by now had we not found the new vet for a second opinion. He has been good, though, just for routine stuff. I was going to get a copy of the cats' records and send them to the new vet, I just hadn't got around to it.

Isabelle, or Belly as I call her, is 13 years old.

It's raining and snowing tonight, both. First snow I've seen all year. And it's supposed to get down to 27, so the chicken that I am, I don't want to drive an hour and a half first thing in the morning on icy roads. It will thaw quickly as it's supposed to warm up, but....

aaaack, what do I do. How do I make my kitty comfy tonight?

I just can't lose two animals at once. It will do me in. I hope it's just some weird thing that can be cured easily. I know I'm panicking prematurely, not knowing what this is, but my luck with animals lately has just really sucked.


On a more positive note:

We had a fantastic school day today. Everything clicked. I love it when that happens. In fact, it's been a really great, productive week.

We resumed our Spanish studies this week. I kind of "conveniently forgot" to do Spanish for a long time. I struggle with the vocabulary. We are going SO slow, but we are using a college text. Thanks, Bob, for refusing to get rid of your college textbooks. It's starting to sink in, and I think we'll just continue to take little bites out of the text every day. It's amazing that my 42-year-old brain isn't the sponge it once was.


Gerkin Pickle said...

(((Oh Frankie))) My heart goes out to you girl. Do you have an emergency vet you could call? If not just follow your heart, it will lead you in the direction you need to go. (((Hugs)))

Kamrin said...

Once again, I agree with Gerkin. Go with your gut. I hate for you to have two sick pets at one time, that is terrible! I will be sending warm love vibes up to you, so if you feel a sudden sense of warmth, it is a Southern Love Vibe!

doc said...

It is probably a burst abscess that was there all the time and you didn't see it. Now that it's burst most of the infection is probably gone. And it's later there so you're probably already asleep, but what I'd do is gently clean it with warm water, and fill it with triple antibiotic cream. Too bad you don't live on a farm, you'd have a big bottle of penicillin in your fridge and syringes. She probably still has a slight infection but nothing that a little antibiotic won't clear up. Honestly, this is my expert opinion, I see it all the time. I'd see the vet you're the most comfortable seeing.

Anonymous said...

I am a road wimp, but I was prepared to say wait until the road clears off and go to the doctor 1.25 hours away. However, after reading the 3rd comment which makes perfect sense, you could probably get away with going to the old doctor nearby first thing in the a.m. since it sounds like it's probably not a critical issue. If you still really don't like what the old doctor says, it's evidence that he's not an option any longer. KWIM? And then you get to go to the doctor that you feel better with. Wow, I hope that makes sense; it's pretty convoluted writing. Belly is a cute name. :-) I hope she's all fixed up soon.

Tammy, over at HS Comments on the Fly

Johnny C said...

A friend's cat had the same problem. I agree it sounds like a burst abcess. It was a mess, but not life treatening. Poor kitty is probably more scared than you about it. But you should do something soon before it become infected, even if you have to go to the jerk vet one more time.

Kate in NJ said...

((hugs)) I do hope Belly is ok.
I'd stick with the vet you feel comfortable safely.