Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Very Scary Post

Be forwarned, this is a freightening post. Think cobwebs, dark, dank, creepy, scary places...

Welcome to my basement.

The photo you are about to see is of the stairs. Please, do not be jealous of my beautiful carpeting. It is original to the house and in mint condition. They just don't make it like that anymore. In fact, I think it is impossible to be desroyed.

Please, do not be jealous of our exposure: Poorly-laid dry wall, exposed joists, cobwebs, extension cords, phone cords, support beams.

It is the design style we have chosen: CHEAP, CAME WITH THE HOUSE. (I did add the rather cute construction paper triangles to cheer the place up. GAG)

Seriously, the photo is taken from my computer chair. Every night Jerry Lee lays on that stair staring at me. I can feel his stares, they are so intense. If I ignore him, he begins to breathe heavy. Heavier, and heavier -- it is actually creepy. The dog knows how to touch my soul by creepig me out. There's nothing worse than sitting here, reading a favorite blog, then the feeling someone is watching and the breathing starts. Sends chills down my spine every time. I should know better, he does this every single night. I just had to take a photo of it for remembering.

All he wants is to go potty and get his peanut butter treat (with hidden medications inside.)

Crazy dog, God love him.

I don't let anyone into my ugly basement. So here I am, putting it on the internet. Go figure.


Gerkin Pickle said...

I hate the feeling that someone is staring at me. It is worse when i get that feeling, look around and no one is there. CREEPY! Can't see the picture of your basement though.

Hillary said...

I can't see the photo either, and after your description I'm VERY curious!

Heather said...

Heck my whole house looks like that. That's why nobody ever comes over ;)

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, My basement is uglier than yours..but I'm not ready to show a picture to prove it.;-)
I'm glad you saved that "very Jerry" moment.