Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

We're still enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers. Today will probably be the last day of that, though.

Today we did a light day of school. Thomas did writing, math, read from his science book so he could kill two birds with one stone: reading/science, spelling and now he's listening to A History of Us on the Creative Zen.

Thomas is sitting on the floor playing with something some cars of his. Mom and dad are surfing on the net three feet from him.

Bob took the afternoon off today to get some things done that we didn't get done over the weekend. The snow blower is now ready to go. We haven't had but one skiff of snow so far, which is very unusual. The garage has been cleaned. The back yard "doggie duty" mess has been cleaned up. The Christmas boxes are all in the garage waiting for me to dig through them and start decorating.

We have weird neighbors so I'm not one to let Thomas run around outside during school hours. However, he did that at 1 this afternoon. It was nice having all three of us home. It was nice taking a break from school, knowing full well we would come back in and get it done on our own time frame.

We've got a very busy week ahead of us. Lots of errands, art class, a play date -- is Thomas too old to have official play dates now? I guess I should say get together. We have a lot of things we have to get done at home, too. That's partly why Bob took the afternoon off today.

I have a great big secret that I cannot reveal until Thursday night. All our errands and work relate around this secret, though.

Thursday can't come soon enough.

Gee, I wonder what that secret could be. lol


Gerkin Pickle said...

Now I am singing Monday, I bet I know what the secret is...mums the word!

Kate in NJ said...

Can't wait for the "big reveal"..

Hillary said...

Are you pregnant?

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Now I have something to look forward to for history other than a lab practical and a paper due!

Knittlebittle said...

Bah humbug to your neighbors. If it's nice enough he should be able to run around outside!