Saturday, December 01, 2007

Adjusting Well

I cannot begin to describe the amount of joy that this little critter has brought to us. This year it has felt as if as rain cloud was permanently above us. Things were just so sad. That's still there, Jerry is still dying, but Apollo has brought us hope and joy and laughs and snuggles.

Jerry has developed little blood-blister type things on his belly. His eyes are also extremely red and/or bloodshot. He's still perky, wags his tail and is not showing any signs of pain. My heart aches for him. It aches for me, because I will miss him so. I've been mourning his loss since we got the news, though, and that's not good. I try to focus on living in the moment, as Jerry does.

At any rate, the mood has changed drastically in this house. Apollo was the god of medicine and healing, among other things. He's done a great deal to heal us already.

And he's so darned cute, too.

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