Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We had a holiday yesterday. We loosely follow the local school district's schedule, and they take Martin Luther King day off, so we followed suit. Last night we ran to Kmart for some cleaning supplies and then to Subway for dinner. I had wanted to get to a grocery store, but we were both tired and so we didn't.

Now I regret that.

This morning Thomas woke me up. I heard him crying in his sleep. When I got up to check on him, he woke up and told me he had a nasty headache, his nose was stuffed and also dripping down his throat, and he had a fever. It's 100. So I gave him some Ibuprofen and he climbed into my bed -- what is it about my bed that makes all things better? -- and fell fast asleep.

That left me to care for the puppies all by myself. Wah. I took them potty, fed them breakfast, and chased after them as all hell broke loose and they went wild, running through the house. I know Thomas is sick because they both jumped on the bed and tried to give him morning kisses and he wanted no part of it. That's not normal for him!

I put Apollo in the ex-pen upstairs, Tesla in the ex-pen downstais, gave them both a stuffed Kong and some toys, and got a moment to myself. The first thing I did was to take some Ibuprofen. I have raging cramps, plus my throat is sore, and I fear I'll get what Thomas has.

Today we were supposed to get back into school, and I was also going to review our work and look ahead to the final two quarters of the school year. Last Friday was officially the end of the first semester of school.

I really need to sit down with my planning book and revamp school. This year we have got a lot done, but it wasn't the way I like to do school. We were depressed as Jerry Lee got sick right after school started, and so the whole September-December was the year of the dog: Nursing a dying dog, looking at puppy litters, getting the new puppies, etc. School got done, but not with the zest, the fun, the adventure that we've had in years past. Well, not that years past were a blast, but they were much less depressing that this year.

So today I'll be wishing both Thomas and I had an I.V. Motrin drip. It will be a chaotic day, because I will be bouncing around like Tigger, going from one project to another. The house needs cleaned -- it's picked up, except for the kitchen, but it really needs cleaned. I need to get going on my school plans. I need to train puppies. I need to go shovel the snow at the end of the driveway that the snow plow just buried us with. I need to potty puppies. I need to check on my son. I need to start the taxes. I need to unload the dishwasher and reload it. I need to potty the puppies again. I need to finish laundry. I need to go to the grocery store.

Thomas is a very responsible boy, we're a good team. I will miss his help today. I hope he's able to get rested and feel better, though.


Gerkin Pickle said...

I hope he feels well soon!

Becky said...

I hope you're both feeling better soon (and that you in particular don't get sicker before you get better)! Poor Thomas :(

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, man, it's one thing after another isn't it?

Today N. is feeling poorly, though he got up. He didn't want to go to Taekwondo, so I know he's not doing too well. And worse, I am feeling it, too. And my school starts tomorrow night! Bummer.

May we all get well soon!

Heather said...

Wow, I hope you can hold off sick at least long enough for Thomas to get better. Nothing worse than trying to care for a sick kid when you're sick yourself. I hope you're both feeling better soon.

If it eases your mind any, after beating myself up about our school slacking this year, I sat down and figured up how long it would take us to complete the year at the rate we're going. It was the middle of May, a full week before the public school quits. Considering we did practically nothing the entire month of December (and part of November), that's pretty good. Remember the schools figure in time for screwing around and transitioning and waiting for everyone in the class to get it. You've got way more time than you need to teach one child.

Kate in NJ said...

I do hope you are both feeling better soon! (hugs)
I was hoping for snow, but just reading the "shovel out where the plows plowed in..." makes me re-think it.;-)

Summer Fae said...

I hope that you are both feeling better today.