Thursday, July 10, 2008

I've done it now...

I have called the camp, asked a million questions -- some the director couldn't even answer. She had to call the camp and ask them. I've registered Thomas and paid for the camp. We've got a doctor appointment set up for their health form. I've even printed out the google map so we can get there.

Gulp. Baby's going to camp.

Actually, I see this as a wonderful opportunity for Thomas. I'm glad that spur of the moment google spree ended up in something that should be a lot of fun. I see this as a great growth opportunity for Thomas (and me, too).

It's been such a hard year for him and hopefully this will be a great reliever of all the stress he's been under. He's psyched because they have a wonderful climbing wall, a challenge course that looks scary but loads of fun, swimming, horses, yada yada yada. He gets to choose five things, and he'll have three classes a day in those five things. He's also interested in canoeing, which actually surprised me.

This is a YMCA camp. Before I googled, I didn't know they existed. I always thought summer camp was cost prohibitive and something you had to sign up for way in advance. We were lucky to get in, but the cost was under $400. Not bad at all.

I think I may be teary when we drive off, but only in the sense that it's just another milestone in his growing up. I know he'll have fun. And what am I going to do the week he's away?

CLEAN HIS ROOM. ha ha ha ha ha I'm an evil mother.

He'll be three hours away. In Wisconsin. I'm okay with that. (Now. Ask me in August!)


mull-berry said...

My younger son came back from Y camp a few weeks ago ... his first time. He went for all the reasons you stated and had a blast. Wants to go back for two weeks next year.

I bet Thomas will love it ... and remember no news is good news! : )

Juno said...

My kids are heading out to YMCA camps starting next Sunday. This wil be their first time at this particular camp and are looking very forward to it. I hope Thomas has a great time!