Thursday, July 10, 2008

Meg's Meme

Meg didn't tag me officially, but I thought I'd play.

Accent: None. I talk just like they do on the evening news.
Well, I do say "eh" a lot now that we've moved to Minnesota, doncha-know. (I don't really say doncha-know, though.)

Breakfast or no breakfast: Breakfast, but even though I'm overweight, I forget to eat.

Chore I don’t care for: Paying bills.

Dog or Cat: Two dogs, two cats. One cat is 14 years old and about ready -- the other is very sickly. When they're gone, there will be no more cats.

Essential Electronics: Computer. Can't live without -- well can't live happily without.

Favorite Cologne: Opium or Chloe for me, Polo for him. Polo makes me melt, but my husband refuses to wear it. His loss. ;-)

Gold or Silver: Gold.

Handbag I carry most often: This spring it's been a tacky vinyl mini-suitcase I bought in Colorado because my leather purse was too small. Now that I'm home for good, I'll switch back to my leather purse. I like to spend a lot of money on a good, neutral purse that will last a year or two. I'm about due for a new one.

Insomnia: Very frequently. Can we say Ambien?

Job Title: Domestic engineer. Homemaker, home educator, computer addict.

Kids: One great son.

Living Arrangements: Small three-bedroom, single family home in the middle of nowhere Minnesota. Shared with husband, son, two dogs, two cats and lots of dust bunnies.

Most Admirable Trait: My husband says loyalty.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: This is tough because I really was a good kid. Really. Perhaps it was the time I burned down the kitchen curtains when I was home alone. (Thankfully they were above the kitchen sink so I used the spray hose to out the fire. I was holding a candle to the window playing Laura Ingalls Wilder.) Or, perhaps it was the time I flooded our basement that had just been re-done with brand-new carpeting. I was watering the flowers, my friend came to play, I threw the hose down and left it on. It landed in the window well.

But really, I was a really good kid. Honest. Really.

Overnight hospital stays:
March 2008: Panic Attack--still paying that sucker off.
1995: C-section with Thomas
1993: fibroid removal, four nights of pure pain
1982: Tonsils
1970: Dislocated arm
June 27, 1965: My birth.

Phobias: Driving in a big city on interstates. Something happening to Thomas. Bridges. Medical "things" happening to loved ones.

Quote: sh*t. I say that way too often. Jesus, Mary and Joseph--I picked that phrase up from the judge I worked for.

Reason to smile: Thomas, Bob, Apollo and Tesla, kitties, being home. There's no place like home.

Siblings: Oh, this is a good one. I have one brother and two sisters. In November, when my father's estate is settled, I will only have one sister. I will probably never blog about that, but my brother is a horse's hind end and my sister is out of her mind. He wants nothing to do with me and hasn't for years, which is fine. She is just downright scary with the things she's done to me over the years. So life is short, and I'll be free.

Gee, I feel nasty, but if you knew the circumstances, it would be clear I'm not. I'll still pray for them. (Yes, I do pray, even though I don't care what other people do.)

Time I wake up: Whenever. I usually sleep eight hours. 7:30 or 8 usually.

Unusual Talent or Skill: My husband says organization. If you could see my house at the moment, you'd laugh. I'm skilled at being me, how's that.

On second thought, organization is a skill. In groups and organizations, I'm the one that puts things together because I do it well.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Broccoli. Anything cruciferous.

Worst Habit: Smoking.

X-rays: Had a chest X-ray a week ago. I have had a few in my time, can't remember them all.

Yummy Stuff: chocolate, pasta, milk -- nothing good for me. Vicodin -- ha.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Monkey. I wanted a pet monkey when I was a kid. I didn't get it. Second would be penguins. I love to watch penguins.

Tag: I am going to tag a few people.
Doc, because I'd like to know if she has a phobia (except to idiots), what veggies she doesn't like, and her naughtiest childhood behavior.

Audrey, if she has time to play

Summer Fae

And anyone else who wants to play.


Meg_L said...

Bridges for you too?

Thanks for playing

Jo said...

Another bridge girl here. I think what your hubby said about most admirable trait is so sweet!


Summer Fae said...

I have mine up there :) Thank you for thinking of me.