Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It's midnight, I should be in bed. Instead, I sit at the computer, waiting for the dryer to finish its cycle, and I can swap loads.

I went to the doctor Tuesday morning. My doctor was unavailable, so I saw someone new. He was very nice, thrilled that I was using a neti pot and told me he asks all his patients to use one. He said the problem with my ears is the sinus infection. My pneumonia has cleared completely.

The day before, I had finished taking a Z-pak. Five pills, but the meds stay in your system 10 days. The new doc prescribed levaquin, a very expensive antibiotic. ($140 for the bottle.) He also gave me a narcotic pain pill -- I forget what it is now.

I went to the pharmacy and thank goodness I have a good pharmacist. He told me that I should NEVER take levaquin while I still have a Z-pak in my system because it can result in severe cardiac problems. That scared the you-know-what out of me. Then I got online and did research about levaquin and found that it causes all kinds of problems with tendons. I'm not sure what to do. The pharmacist told me not to take the levaquin until Sunday. I may wait and see if I take it at all.

I didn't think I needed pain pills. I took one yesterday anyway. Let me just say that I described my pain as a constant, extreme pressure. I didn't think it hurt, it was just a royal pain in the a$$. Well, after taking that lovely narcotic, I realize: It DID hurt. It hurt a lot. I felt so good on that pain pill. So good, in fact, I took another today.

The kicker: While I was on the Z-pak for pneumonia and sinusitis and an ear infection in my left ear, I developed an ear infection in my right ear. Go figure. The pressure is finally leaving my left ear, that pressure I've had since June 18 or 18, and has moved to the right. Good grief.

The new doctor gave me 1 refill on the pain meds. He also gave me a refill on the levaquin. I understand that sometimes a sinus infection warrants two rounds of antibiotics. I still don't know if I'll take it, because it has lots of bad side effects.

On another note, I was Googling tonight and came up with a brilliant idea: Summer camp for Thomas. YMCA has some great camps within driving distance from our home. Some still have openings. Thomas got kind of excited at the prospect of being around kids with fun things to do. So tomorrow morning, gulp, I'll be calling some of the facilities to see if I can get him in.

I never did a residential summer camp as a kid. The idea of them never thrilled me. I think it would be a good thing for Thomas, he's old enough, and he needs a break from all the trauma we've dealt with for the past several months. The question is: Can I handle him going away for six days? Time to cut those apron strings a little, knock down my anxiety a bit, and let him fly -- well, on a tether, at his age. lol

I have a million things to do. I've felt so crappy, that I haven't got much done since I got home a week ago. In fact, I finally unpacked my suitcase tonight -- only out of necessity, though. I was about out of clean clothes. Then I sorted laundry. Then I started. Then I cleaned the bathroom. Thank goodness for pain pills. I can now bend over without getting severe pain in my sinuses and ears, which means I have no excuse not to clean.

I have to take my car to the shop tomorrow. I forgot to mention earlier that my car was vandalized while in Colordao. Someone kicked in a door. Lovely. They didn't break in, no further damage, but that door -- and did I mention, I just got my car paid off in April?

I also started planning school this afternoon. Sheesh, I just don't feel like doing that, but I need to get things ordered. I make up my mind, change my mind, make up my mind and change it way too frequently. Sixth grade was a blur. I want 7th grade to be spectacular for Thomas -- and for me, too.

The dryer just buzzed. Time to fold, swap and go to bed.

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Sara said...

Medications scare me, so it's definitely good that you have a good pharmacist. So often, the pharmacy doesn't seem to be anything more than a store, and they really don't care what you're taking.

And I hope the camp is awesome for Thomas!