Thursday, August 14, 2008

expensive day

Thomas had his appointment with the ENT today. I told Bob before we left the house that I really had an attitude about this appointment, because even though he snores on occasion--it's a light snore not like my window-rattling snores--I didn't think he had sleep apnea issues. I told him that doctor would have convince me of the necessity of having the tonsils removed.

His neurologist said he had a small airway and should probably have his tonsils removed. We got there, she asked us about snoring and if his breathing stopped in his sleep, which it doesn't. She looked at his throat quickly. She turned to us and said his tonsils are small, he has a good airway, and not to bother coming back unless we hear him stop breathing in the night -- or gasping, which she demonstrated.

I hate to imagine how much money this visit is going to cost when I add it all up. Let's see, Bob took a half day off work, we ate an early dinner at the Olive Garden, the gas to the big city and back, the visit to Barnes and Noble where we all purchased too many books, the purchases at Office Max...

Oh well. Better safe than sorry. I just had a gut feeling it was a waste of time, though.

Whew. One less thing.


SabrinaT said...

. My husband and son have both had surgery for sleep apnea. What a mess!
Gas is getting way to expensive these days!

Gerky said...

Cool and I both have sleep apnea.e have c-pap machines that make our room sound like a machine I am glad the appointment turned out well, even though it seemed like a waste of time.

My oldest got home from camp safe and sound, with NO injuries!

carole said...

How does that commercial go...
One less medical procedure...priceless.

So Glad Thomas does not have to go through getting his tonsils removed.