Thursday, August 14, 2008

Seeing Eye to Eye

Bob and I don't see eye to eye on some things concerning our homeschool. Even though he's a visual spatial thinker, he wants Thomas's education to be very structured and sequential. He wants tests and proof that he's learning.

I agree with him on that in many subjects, but not science.

We have always done science in an unschooling-sort-of way. Thomas either picks up a science book and starts reading, or I suggest some topics, he chooses and he reads. We discuss. Or not. Usually, he discusses with Bob. Last year I bought him two science text books which he loved. He devoured them, reading on his own accord, something that he typically doesn't want to do.

Thomas has a good grasp of science. Every year he scores post high school in his standardized tests in science. I've never worried about science, because he just gets it.

So what to do this year. We really need to focus on the Language Arts. Really, I know that. But I think I'll meet Bob half way and be a little more involved, probably throw in a test or two, more labs -- at least planned labs, not spur-of-the minute stuff that we typically do.

I don't think Bob and I will see eye to eye completely, but we can meet in the middle. I trust my instincts, though. I know how he learns best. And he is learning -- he's soaking science up like a sponge.

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rae said...

Hi, Frankie. I just checked out this post again after you commented on my blog. I identify with your need to do both planned, sequential subjects with a little child led on the side. :-) You seem to have it down pat. I hope you'll post more about how you do what you do - I'd love to continue to learn from you.