Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm a Dork

To everyone who asked for my planner, I will send it tomorrow.

I apologize for being such a dork. See, I bought myself a new laptop. It came with Vista, and so I had to order the new Office. I got the student version. I emailed my planners and homeschool stuff to myself, opened up my planer, tweaked it, made a jpeg of it to load to the blog, blogged, and then saved the planner. Big mistake. It wouldn't save because it was incompatible with the new excel. So I made another one. I sent that out to the people who requested it. Only thing was, I seem to be the only one on the new version of Office.

So I need to go downstairs to the old computer, sit down, tweak the original version and email it. Only I haven't done that. I got busy with other stuff. And I feel guilty because I said I'd send it last night. And then I didn't do it today because today was a couch day because I didn't feel well (when will menopause hit? I'm so ready for it now.) This afternoon, we got hit with five packages from Amazon, Rainbow, Rod and Staff, and a couple other stores, so I simply had to look at the school stuff.

Then we went to the county fair. And got home at 10. Then I had to call my sister. Then I had to take a shower. Then I had to check email. Now I'm too tired to climb the stairs and go tweak. (Yet I'm not too tired to blog. Go figure.)

I meant well. I promise to get it in the email tomorrow.

I'm just such a dork.


Juno said...

You crack me up!

Kate in NJ said...

It sounds like a lovely type of "busy" and you sound happier than you have...that makes me happier too. (hugs)

Meg_L said...

I use Vista and the new Word/Excel as well.

but I have it set to save everything in the old format.

Try looking at your saving settings

mull-berry said...

Have you found the voice-to-print software on Vista? You talk ... it transcribes. Could be cool!?!